Twins Bond
69 Sports Week
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Twins Bond
Author :BaeVida
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69 Sports Week

"But it would have been much fun eating with them," Sakiko complained.

"Sis, are you saying it is less fun eating with me?"

They got to an empty seat and sat down, awaiting the waiter. He looked gloomily at her, awaiting her answer.

"That is not it, the more the merrier is what I mean."

"I can make you happy without too much persons."

"I appreciate that and I am glad. Okay, let's not talk about others and enjoy the day together."

'Good. Mission completed. If she had heard it from Bashira she would have believed then. I just don't want her thinking too much about these things. I really owe Sai one or the help.'

"Sasuke, Sasuke?"


"You were absentminded just now. Let's place our orders."

"Sure, sorry about that. Waiter!"


The days went on as usual, with the classes, sports practice, assignment and every other thing. The bond between the two only grew with each passing day, earning several whispers and gossips from students.

Minutes turned into hours, hours turned into days and days turned into weeks. Soon it was time for the school's sport's competition.

Soon it was the week of the sport competition. Every student was eager to participate in the activities. It was something they had been looking forward to.

The first day went by with so many activities and winners. Sasuke took part in the short distance event and came first.

The second day, Sakiko and Yuki Akamine represented their class for the swimming competition and came second place.

Mrs Hasegawa was joyed at the winnings of her class. She was happy her little prep talk before the event did boost the students morale.

On the third day of the activities, Sakiko participated in the short distance race between the two arms and from there, the winners would represent Class 1 in the school's relay race between all three classes.

The twelve students got ready and moved closer to the track ground. Sakiko, Yuki Akamine, Bashira, Regina, Mari and Ayumi stood on their tracks ready and waiting. The other six students were equally prepared as well.

This was a battle between both arms to see who was better and not just any race.

"On your marks, get ready..." the P.E teacher shouted.



The sound of the gunshot gave the go signal and all the twelve students took to their heels.

"Yayy!! Go Sakiko!" Noriko urged on.

"Reina! Ayumi!"

"Bashira, run... "

"Go Class 1A!"

"Go, Class 1B!!"

"Akamine san is so hot when she runs. Go Akamine chan!" A male student yelled.

The moment he did other male students that usually littered around her started shouting and calling her name.

"Sakiko, Sakiko, Sakiko!!"

It was one hell of a race. Yuki was on the lead with Sakiko and one other girl from Class 1A behind her, but before she knew it, Sakiko had overtaken her and gave all of them a huge gap.

"What a stunning performance, a moment ago Akamine Yuki of Class 1B was on the lead and suddenly Ishida Sakiko of same Class 1B took over, leaving everyone in the dust. Can Yuki Akamine still take the lead and win this race?"

"Yayy, go Sakiko, go."

"What about Matsuda Akari of Class 1A? Matsuda Akari who was on a draw with Ishida Sakiko for second position has suddenly dropped to being third place."

"Sakiko! Sakiko! Sakiko!"

Soon the students cheer entirely changed to Sakiko's name as she crossed the finish line.

"And the winner is... Class 1B's Ishida Sakiko!"

"Yay!! Ahhhh!"

"Following next is Akamine Yuki and third place goes to Matsuda Akari. With Miura Sara and Reina Aoki finishing in the fourth place. What a race," the P.E teacher announced again.

Everyone cheered them on as the race came to an end.

"And now, let the male racers come out to the track and get set for their race."

Yuki watched on as Sakiko was being hugged by her friends. She clenched her fist at her side as her eyes dimmed and her brows furrowed at the sight.

She was supposed to win, till Sakiko stole her spot light.

"Ishida," she said through gritted teeth.


Later on, another short distance race was carried out to determine the fourth position between Miura Sara and Reina Aoki.

Reina won fair and square and earned her sport among the four racers for the relay event.

An hour later, it was time for all the classes to race against each other in the 400 by 400 relay race.

"Reina, assemble the relay racers for your class please. The relay race starts in thirty minutes," the P.E teacher informed Reina.

"Alright sir. Right on it.

She met Sasuke and Sakiko together at the side of the building.

"Hey Sakiko,we need to warm up. We race in thirty minutes. Meet us up."

"Okay. Be right there in two."


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