To Walk The Mist
131 Leaving the tower 1
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To Walk The Mist
Author :Mfonemana_Uduak
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131 Leaving the tower 1

@@"What do you want to do with him?" Ed asked Nti Anem. 

"Let's leave the tower. When we are out, you give him to me." he said and Ed looked away and started climbing the stairs.

"Young Man, let go of the young master and I will do whatever you ask." an elderly man walked up.

"Oh? You are much stronger than the boy yet you did not come and help him out?" Nti Anem asked and the man only glanced at him.

"My job is only to interfere when the young master is about to die. It is not my job to fight his battles." the man said and Nti Anem snorted.

"Well, you will not be getting you pay then. We will be extracting the eternal fire from him." he said.

"You don't care for how the Fu clan will react?"

"Must be a great clan. Of course I care. We must visit them to make use of their anger to horn ourselves." Nti Anem said. He did not seem to notice the righteous looked at this moment. be continued...

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