The Enchantress
20 First head to roll
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The Enchantress
Author :Han_Nae
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20 First head to roll

it has only been minutes after the two men's lousy banter on wether who's bolder.

Yu Yan rolled her eyes at Her new companions attitude, at first meeting she was petrified by the mans plan on wedding her, straight up caging her in his place and wed her without her consent, the was also very powerful at first glance and his oppressing aura was enough to tell her that with her current state she wouldn't be able to stand against him, even with her knowledge of deadly poisons and small sharp needles it was still not an option for her, she didn't have the herbs for concocting one poison elexir and her needles weren't the best for fighting either, they were after all quite flimsy.

but now it seems that the strong and handsome man was also childish.

Yu Yan couldn't help but sigh.

"What should we do with this..." Bao Shīzi looked at Nadios who was slowly getting up from head to toe before continuing "Puny looking guy?..."

Nadios' eyes went wide at the what Bao Shīzi described him as, he wasn't puny at all! among the men in the city he was the most lean guy there is! and this handsome man who sprouted out of no where just called him puny! betwern the two of them he was more buffer than the handsome man.

fury enveloped his heart but could only swallow up his pride, If only the mayor didn't specify to him to not injure the handsome man and beautiful woman who came in the city he wouldn't even begin to hold back and crush these impudent and ignorant fools, yes, in his heart he was holding back, easing up a little of the discomfort in his heart.

Yu Yan suddenly stood up which caught everyone's attention "Come on."

Nadios, who was shocked silly at what she said could not move from where he stood, did she mean...

"Didn't you say your mayor wish to 'meet' us?" Yu Yan said with a raised brow, beside her the highly handsome man's face was contorted in to a face full of curiosity and a hint of annoyance, he didn't know what his mistress was even planning as this wasn't part of the plan she discussed with him and annoyance that the lowly human man was graced by his mistress.

oh how he wished to tear the mans face.

he can't...

mistress is watching him... and she has needles in her sleeves glaring right at him.

although he isn't easy to be hurt nor is he gonna be hurt anyways he still fears that his mistress will suddenly not want him for being disobedient... he waited far too long for this day... he rather swallow his anger than face her disappointment and anger.

he took a deep breath and forced a smile on his pinking lips "My mistress has agreed to follow you brazen fools. I shall act accordingly to her wishes" he paused and a glint flashed thorugh his eyes, he whispered "if you ever dare do something underhanded your hands will be floating a nearby river in mere seconds..." when he saw these men looking at her mistress up and down with those leacherous eyes he was already on the verge of clawing their eyes out....

"tch." Nadios could only put on a false facade of bravery as he turned around and with a wave of his hand gestured everyone to follow him. his knees were already shaking and if he doesn't hurry he'll either make a fool of himself or die in a terrible state.

as they went out the inn gathered folks began whispering guesses of what must have happened and what was about to happen.

Nadios gestured them to the carriage that waited infront of the inn, with the help of Bai Shizī she got in, as soon as everyone was in their separate carriage they moved out.

Nadios who sat in the very first carriage sighed in releif.

"Cheif, why didn't you just tackle him and killed him on the spot? it's so unlike you" one young new recruit asked the highly flustered and frightened man

Nadios couldn't helo but wish to smack the kid in the head for his stupidity, If he could he would've, but the mans strength wasn't something he could reach! he have guesses that the man on the back carriage only used 10% of his abilities, such a maniacal strength shouldn't be provoked to its limit or else death will only rise above his head. now this young fool wanted him to tackle and kill the man?! that was pure idiocity and suicidal!

he forced on a brave act and smiled "I can only hold back, the mayor wishes me to bring the two people back in his manor safe and un-harmed."

that lie would surely trample on his reputation and quite possibly take his life very soon but he can only shake his head, he must save the last face he can show.

meanwhile, on the back of Nadios' carriage was calm but the air surrounded it was filled with murder, Yu Yan crossed her legs and looked at the man infront of her, sweat began forming on Bao Shizī's forehead, he did not know why his mistress suddenly had a blank look and stared at him as soon as the carriage door closed

"Mistress..." he suddenly kneeled within the carriage floor and bent his head, not daring to look at the half covered face of his mistress

"You realize your mistake?"

with those 4 words it shook the calm facade the handsome man has on his face "I-I'm sorry mistress.. but... it seems I don't seem to understand..." the moment that he entered to save her earlier in the inn he already felt her change of personality, yet he still did not understand what happened and what mistake has he done to upset her.


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