Return of the Anarchists
28 Chaos and Schemes Army Meet-2
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Return of the Anarchists
Author :ThePotatoKing
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28 Chaos and Schemes Army Meet-2


"Well, it's all thanks to your Demon Supremacist ideals. If only you weren't such a stuck-up bitch who only wants Demon to fight then we will lose. We need their support."

"Never! I will never let those scum get any glory. If you think otherwise you are free to defeat me."

"Well, on second thought do whatever you want. I couldn't care less as long as I get to fight and kill people. After all...I am just a bloodthirsty battle maniac"


"Well, my second challenger has come."

A sloppy haired thin-built fighter walked up the stage. He immediately removed twin daggers from his vest and began spinning them at fast speeds.

He looked straight at the Greatsword wielder,

"I don't bother telling my name to dead people."

"Why You!"

The crimson twin dagger wielder immediately dashed forward in a flash and stopped moving.

"As I said, Match over."

A small line of blood could be seen on the arms and neck of the Black Legion trooper.

And then his arms fell off blood spilling all over the floor.

Before his neck could fall of the head he was however rescued.

The medical staff immediately took him away for treatment.


"So what do you think of those two?" Lilith asked

"They both are extremely suspicious. From what we have gathered, one demon general is working with the Winged order, so these two are extremely suspicious. What's your opinion, Martin?"

"To me Roger Black is a straightforward scum, who believes that his race is superior. I doubt he would work with another race. Fredrick Scarlet on the other hand..." Martin commented as he observed the two generals with the scope.

"Yes, I doubt whether he really is a battle maniac or just hiding is cunning nature behind a front." Lilith added

"Hopefully Vincent and Marcus would be able to dig up some interesting information n in the chaos. Once we know who is friend and who is foe."

Lucas grinned malevolently, "We can begin taking action."

Martin nodded in agreement and smirked with schadenfreude "Knowing those two, they must be having the time of their lives."


"Crap, We are totally not having the time of our lives!" Marcus whisper shouted under his breath as the Cult leader slowly made his way to where he was hiding.

"What the hell is taking Vincent so long, and why is this guy moving so slowly, if you know I am here just come over already!

Marcus had infiltrated the camp of the cult leader and was going through their documents. There was a high chance that they were affiliated or supported by the Scarlet General.

'Enough is enough time for me to just jump out and attack him, to hell with keeping my cover'


Vincent could be heard shouting just outside.

" These dogs don't know how to take a hint. Apostle, take care of the documents, we have to prepare for the trade with the general."

Saying that the leader ignored his suspicions and went outside, to deal with Vincent.

'Thanks man! I really owe you one.' Marcus thought to himself while sighing in relief.

He immediately uses a rock projectile to trip the Apostle over and knocked him out. Then he started going through all the documents in the tent.


Vincent was totally having the time of his life. After planting all the bombs, he went and directly provoked the leader. It was time to cause some chaos!

The mob outside had grown large and the cult was already being suppressed by the members of almost 3 different camps.

"Who is the one who challenged me?" The cult leader walked out at a leisurely pace.

"Looks like you dogs need to be taught just why is our camp called the Bloodthirstiest of them all."

His expression warped into one full of malevolence " I will enjoy hearing you screams as I make you bleed to death and slowly spill your guts onto this ground."

Vincent smile happily, this is just what he needed. an opponent who thought too highly of themselves. these were the ones that fell the hardest.

He gracefully jumped onto the stage and bowed while introducing himself

"You can call me The Infernal."

The cult leader decided to quickly destroy the arrogant little kid in front of him.

He suddenly brought his hands to the ground sending a darkness-chaos-balls at Vincent.

Dodging them, he sent red hot metal chains at the leader.

The chains wrapped around him while burning into the skin.

Before the leader could free himself, Vincent brought his palms together and then took them apart pantomiming an explosion.


Instantly various bombs exploded all over the place before the captain even managed to attack.

"What the-" The leader was flabbergasted. He freed himself and looked at the camp. The treasury and his personal tent were all blown up into ashes. there were multiple fires raging around the rest of his camp.

"You!" The leader's eyes went red with rage, he turned to look at his opponent only to find him...

....running away.

"See you later sucker! I hope you enjoy the rest of the meet!"

Vincent didn't stay behind to enjoy the show.

What a joke! He had just bombed another camp he wasn't interested in getting jailed.

Martin had just exited the camp with the documents when it was blown behind him


Damn that Vincent, at least give a bloody warning beforehand!"


Back on the other side the match ended with the ultimate victory of General Black.

"Which parties will be involved in the next match?"

"Emma White and Damien Grey."

"Looks like we should investigate grey next....any luck with Black?"

"Not yet... but Marcus did find something juicy from the Crimson Cult."

"What did he find?"

"The Crimson Cult does have a cooperative relationship with General Scarlet but it seems limited to assistance in smuggling goods across the border. It means that he does interact with human counterparts. There is however no indication of involvements with the Winged Order" Martin reported.

"Interesting...Continue keeping an eye on our dear friend Roger Black."

Lucas continued,

"Its time I gave this Scarlet General a visit!"


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