Mountain Beyond the Stars
2 Chapter 2: Where am I??
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Mountain Beyond the Stars
Author :Gelrutto
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2 Chapter 2: Where am I??

Jhin wakes up confused and uncertain of where he is. He seems to be in a bedroom. A woman enters the room and gives him a plate full of food and without hesitation Jhin swallows all of it. Jhin then beggins to ask the woman. "Who are you? Where am I? Am I dead? What happened?" To whitch the woman grabs him by the hand and replies "Follow me child". While following her out of the a wooden house Jhin sees other people walking around in what seems to be a playground and houses made of wood. Little does he notice a little girl getting bullied in the playground which makes him rush to her helping without hesitation but while running he noticed that the girl starts to glow slowly and before he new it a sudden bust of what seemed to be light blinds him for a while. Once he regains his vision he looks at the woman and asks what happen, she grabs Jhin by the hand and drags him to a big town hall like building. When they both enter the a man looks at Jhin and greets him as he as the one that save our protagonist and explains to him that he's in the Mountain Beyond the Stars. Jhin however is still recovering to what happened earlier and once he processed what the stranger told him, Jhin puts on his serious face and asks him who he was. The stranger replies: "Here I am known as the traveler but you can call me Stern. I am here to explain to you where you are and what your doing here." Stern then explain that the mountain beyond the stars isn't the real name of the mountain. The real name is tribute to the magical ancestors whom created the mountain to keep magic from being discovered by the government and used in their barbaric wars. Jhin then laughs and explain how magic doesn't exist. The woman the responds by remembering Jhin what had happened with the girl in the playground to which jumps in excitement and explains to Stern the purpose of his journey. Stern looks to the woman and signals here to leave as Stern and Jhin start to discuss the true purpose of Jhin future.

Stern: I know that you are mad about the fire in your home town killing your parents but that's not why you're here.

Jhin:(responds angry) I don't care what you think. I came here to master a power far greater than anything every seen by the 2 kingdoms and use it to take revenge from the kings for what they've done to me (begins to cry slowly) you don't know anything about what happened. You don't know what it's like to see your parents burn to death just because they had to save from dying. You know nothing about me or what I'm willing to do to serve justice for what the kingdoms have take from me.

Stern: I saw it happened...

Jhin: IF YOU SAW WHAT HAPPENED THEY YOU'D KNOW I WAS THE ONE WHO SHOULD HAVE DIED IN THE FIRE (begins to calm down) they died saving my life just because I was to scared to die.

Stern: I never meet your parents but I can assure you no parents would ever want to see their child go to a dark path like that for them. They saved you so that you could live one your happy life. For that reason the seniors have accepted you to show you how to control light energy and use it to help others. They knew you'd come and have assigned me to be your mentor and show you the ways of our people, but before that you have to take an oath to never use light power for malicious intent. With that being set, put you right hand over my hand and repeat after me.

Both: I swear upon the ancients to learn and use their power to help other in need and to become a better person during the process to further improve and cleanse my soul from all evil. May the ancients be with me.

Stern: Ready kiddo?

Jhin: Not really but ok old man

Jhin and Stern soon begin their training on the mountain, who's real name won't be revealed yet. While that happens, shall we take a look at how Jhins sibling are doing in the world?


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