Level Up World1
2 Waking Up, Gaming World?
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Level Up World1
Author :DarknorthDao
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2 Waking Up, Gaming World?

When he next opened his eyes he was laying down on grass, they sky seemed endless with no mountains or clouds, just a light azure color that seemed to fade into a royal azure at the ends of the world. As he was getting up he noticed a faint glow around him.

"Huh, maybe I'm a ghost?"

While he was inspecting himself he saw a door, just standing there. It seemed to lead nowhere and seemed to be just randomly put on the ground.

"Why would someone put a door here?"

As Adolf stared walking around the door he mused to himself. When he got to the other side he noticed that there was someone there.

"Hello there, do you know where we are?"

The person turned around and he noticed that she was beautiful, for whatever reason he hadn't noticed until she turned but she was one of the most beautiful women he had seen in his life.

"Hi Adolf, welcome to limbo, through this door you'll find a new world but first you must choose how you want to start in this new world"

After a few seconds of being stunned by her angelic voice he finally processed what she said.

"So I'm really dead then?"

"Just a bit, at least physically, now this world you're going to be going into will be totally different, there are several different starting points. You could start as a human, enjoying safety and organisation, or as a young canine pup with promising physical features. Some even opt for a reptilian start. All of these are able to evolve, but choose wisely because whatever you choose will have an affect on the rest of your life."

"So I can choose what race I'm born into?"

"Yes, and your karma is enough to choose from any of the 7 main basic intelligent species. Would you like for me to list them?"

"No, you mentioned a young pup, would that happen to be one of the intelligent species you mentioned, would I be able to keep my rationality if I was born as one?"

"Sure would, let me show you what your stat screen would look like."

A bright light suddenly lit up in front of Adolf an he saw a blue screen hovering in front of him.

"When ever you want to summon the screen just say screen, and when you want to unsummon it just say exit."

On the screen he could see something that looked like a map or a tree, but it was mostly grayed out. On top of it where the names of what he could only assume where the races on bold. There where even some such as Dragon, Angels, Valkyries and the such. But they weren't in bold.

'Maybe if I had more Karma I could be born in one of those, no matter I've always liked and admired wolfs anyways.'

"How would I go about selecting a race?"

"You would need administration rights, just tell me which one you want to.."

"A Wolf" Too exited to wait Adolf blurted.

"Well some certainly is impatient, I can make you a generic canine pup, later you can evolve your physical form to that of a wolf." She said chuckling.

"Well then you have amassed 13000 Karma Points in your life. It'll be 9999 for reincarnating 1199 for Selecting an intelligent species and 299 for the canine growth direction. A total of 11497. I'll also subtract taxes and my helping fee, that leaves you with 1432 karma points. Thanks for shopping with Immortal sovereign services."

Everything went black for Adolf as the door sucked him in.


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