Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
205 The Beginning Of The Massacre.
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Chronicles Of The Shura Clan
Author :Nimero
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205 The Beginning Of The Massacre.


Everyone was shocked upon hearing Ling Rui's statement. That was even more true for the Demi-Gods and the thousands of Martial Saint hovering in the sky. They all had a bewildered look on their faces.

What do you mean he's dead!

Did she really kill the white mask man? But how and when?

Whether it was the thousands of Martial Saint experts or the Demi-Gods watching from afar, they all had the same questions after hearing Ling Rui's declaration.

Was it that easy to kill a Peak Martial Saint? Not even a Demi-God could kill a peak Martial Saint in less than second just by casually raising his hand.

People exchanged glances and pondered. It's true that the white mask man had suddenly vanished the moment she lifted her tender jade-like hand and pointed her palm towards the White mask man's direction and the wooden black box appeared. However, that didn't mean he was killed.

If he was dead, then where's the body. For all they know, The white mask man could have just used some secret Technique to turn himself invisible.

While everyone was still trying to figure what happened to the white mask man and questioning whether or not Ling Rui was telling the truth, they suddenly saw her grabbed the small evil wooden black box and turned it upside down.

Once she was done, she shook it gently and the lid of the wooden black box suddenly opened following which a white mask along with a luxurious white robe, human ashes as well as a pair of shoes came out from the wooden black box and slowly fell down from the sky.

What the hell!

Upon witnessing this scene, whether it was the Demi-Gods, the thousand of Martial Saints as well as the spectators, they felt their entire bodies become slowly drenched in a cold sweat.

It doesn't take a genius to realize who these items as well as the human ashes belong to!

This sudden discovery struck the thousands of Martial Saints as well as the spectators like a tsunami, leaving them speechless.

It was as though they were ducks that were held by their neck, and there was a Tai Mountain crushing their hearts as they became mute and couldn't speak anymore.

That was utterly frightening and unexpected. Some even believed that it was only an illusion, not a real event.

Furthermore, what the hell is that evil and creepy wooden black box?

At the same time, they were all asking the same question.

Thinking about the fate of the white mask man, they were all stricken with horror just by looking at the small wooden black box.

It was if it was the most terrorizing and dreadful weapon in the world. None of them have ever seen such a strange and powerful evil weapon, not even the Demi-Gods.

At the same time, a greedy smile appeared on the faces of some of the Demi-Gods that were watching the fight from afar after seeing the power of the wooden black box.

This was truly a heaven-defying weapon!

After making sure there was nothing left inside the wooden black box, Ling Rui closed it and put it away while standing there as casually as ever. It as if she didn't do anything major. Meanwhile, many of the spectators became white; their legs trembling with fear.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

While everyone was still in shocked by this sudden turn of event, the hundreds of Demonic Blood Servants suddenly flew down towards the tens of thousands of warriors on the ground at an astonishing speed while carrying with them an evil and world-destroying momentum as if even a true Martial God would not be able to halt their will to annihilate these warriors below.

Even without their masters giving them orders, they already knew what they expected them to do.

Taking out the trash below!

"Damn it Ling Rui, you and Ling Lei always steal this Lord's Thunder. I'll show you guys how to truly punish those insolent humans." Yelled out the muscular and burly Ling Wei before he quickly pounced towards the thousands of Martial Saints in with an evil smile on his face.

At the same time, he released a murderous aura that filled the entire heavens while his body was billowing with dark and evil energy like a raging ocean.

Seeing this scene, even the angry Ling Shen couldn't help but smile as he inwardly thought' This battle maniac will never change.'

"Wait for me brother." Ling Shen shouted as she ferociously flew towards the enemies in an invincible manner behind Ling Wei.

At the same time, her body was emitting an evil aura that instilled fear in all. As if they didn't want to be outdone by their siblings, Ling Lei and the others quickly followed behind them. Both Fang Lan and Hu'er were also no exception.

"Demon spawns, get ready to die." Roared out one of the Martial Saint as he drew out his weapon and ready to meet with the enemies. At the same time, the remaining Martial Saints that were still in a daze also jolted awake as they drew their weapons as well.

Though this lowly beastmen were powerful and were even able to kill the white mask man, they didn't believe they could defeat all of them.

There were a thousand of them while they were only eight. Unless they were Demi-God rank powerhouses, there was no way they could take all of them on.

Meanwhile, Ling Chen quietly sat on a giant dark chair made of dark True Qi energy while looking at his children that were bravely pouncing towards the thousands of Martial Saint with a slight smile on his face.

As for Azure, she silently stood behind him like a loyal bodyguard. Unlike the spectators, It wasn't her first time seeing Ling Lei and the others. She had already met them in the Divine Demon Beast Region and was also aware of what they were capable of.

"Let's see how strong you guys have truly become." Whispered Ling Chen with an anticipation look on his face.

As Ling Wei was the first one to charge into the enemy's camp, he was also the first to arrive.

The moment he appeared, he didn't even waste any time as he threw a powerful punch toward his first opponent.

Seeing Ling Wei's action, the Martial Saint Warrior suddenly raised both of his hands upward in order to block Ling Wei's powerful strike.


Unfortunately for him, he underestimated the brute strength of Ling Wei. His powerful fist rammed into the poor Martial Saint like a bulldozer. The entire upper body of the Martial Saint turned into a bloody mist, leaving only his Lower body intact which fell into the ground.

"Hahaha, did this puny human really think that he could block this Lord's punch. Laughable, not even bother Fang in his beast form would dare to block this lord's punch." Yelled out Ling Wei before he pounced towards his next prey with an exciting look on his face.


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