Attack On Titan: The Disaster Zone
6 Getting Situated
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Attack On Titan: The Disaster Zone
Author :carloswatler76
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6 Getting Situated

Mako sighed as everyone began to disperse to their assigned houses, each person having been given different places to stay. Mako hinself had been given House number 4, the one situated beside the large watchtower and across from the Mess hall, the place where everyone would be eating later. Everyone was now moving their belongings into their houses and Mako figured he would do the same, if he could figure out what bag belonged to him.

"Mako," A voice rang out from the crowd. "Over here!" Mako turned towards the noise to see who had called him. A scrawny kid with long blonde hair had started to approach him, a boy he was able to instantly identify as Armin, a main character from the original AOT series.

"Oh hey Armin," Mako responded, waving back cheerfully. He had to remind himself that everyone's memories of Eren had been replaced with memories of him instead, meaning that they now considered him a friend. "That was sure something wasn't it?"

Armin nodded, flashing a nervous grin. "I thought Shadis was gonna bite my head off, that man is definitely scary." He lifted up his bag, which was actually a rather large rucksack, and headed in the direction of House number 4. "We should get ourselves situated Mako, dinner will be starting in a couple of hours. Not to mention that training starts tomorrow morning."

Mako nodded, looking around for the bag that had belonged to Eren, but was saved the trouble when a bag came flying his way. Acting on instinct, Mako grabbed it as it flew by, and then turned to see who had tossed it.

"You should watch where you leave your things Mako," said a girl with short black hair and a blood red scarf around her neck. "People here will most definitely steal your things if you aren't careful." With those parting words, the female turned and left, carrying her own bag with her.

"Thanks Mikasa," Mako shouted at her departing back, having recognized the scarf around her neck. "Its always a pleasure to talk to a stunning beauty such as yourself." Though this caused a shocked Mikasa to stop and turn around, Mako has already ran off to catch up with Armin, not caring about the emotions that now clouded Mikasa's mind.

Though Mako considered it weird, it seemed that there were girls who were mixed in with guys in some of the dorms. This was probably inappropriate in his own world, but nobody seemed the least bit concerned by it as guys and girls walked side by side towards their assigned houses. Mako was definitely confused as they didnt really mention this in the series, but he decided to let it go as he had experienced much weirder things then mixed gender housing.

Each and every building looked the same from the outside, the only thing separating them apart was the small number on a pole of each house, signaling which place every person should go. Without this pole it would be near impossible to tell the difference as even the inside was identical, six bunk beds lining both sides of the wall with a comparatively smaller room with a shower and toilet. It was all very simple, a clear indication that this place wasn't about having fun, but for something far less enjoyable.

Mako walked into the house behind Armin and glanced around the room, noticing that several people had already chosen a bed and began unpacking their clothes. Among them, Mako spotted a few familiar faces that he remembered from the anime such as Mina Carolina, Marco Bott, and Connie Springer. The others were merely side characters that didnt mean much to him so he decided to just choose a bed and unpack the bag of clothes Mikasa had given to him.

In the middle of unpacking though, Mako noticed something strange which was saying something considering the day he had been having. Mina, a female with thick black hair extending past her shoulders was in the middle of stripping, but no one said anything to her, no one even looked her way, they just kept unpacking. Now, it may have been a sign of the times they were living in but Mako knew this hadn't been shown in the anime. However, since he never thought himself as a pervert, he averted his gaze as Mina walked to the bathroom and closed the door behind her.

"Okay, did nobody else just notice that girl undressing in front of everyone else?" Mako asked in utter shock, unable to keep it to himself. "I mean, she wasn't displeasing to the eyes but was nobody gonna even say anything?"

Mako wasnt sure what irritated him more, that everyone turned and stared or that a complete side character who wasn't even in the original series gave him an explanation. "Why should we say anything, its not like anyone here cares about that kinda thing." The girl took out a long sleeved shirt and folded it nicely. "We're here to train so no one is gonna comment if you strip down and walk around naked."

Though Mako had some objections, he decided to simply shut his mouth and unpack the rest of his clothes. He had a couple hours before dinner would be served so he figured that walking around to other houses and conversing with other people would prove beenficial to him in the long run. He really wanted to speak to Armin, Mikasa, and the other main characters as he was a huge fan of the original series.

After he finished taking out and folding his clothes, Mako walked back outside onto the front porch. He was followed closely by Connie, Marco, and Armin as they all stepped into the fresh evening air. The sun was beginning to set, casting a lovely shade of pink, orange, and yellow across the sky.

//This isn't the full chapter, only half...Ill finish it up later!! I actually want to say a few things before I finish up the chapter

First, shoutout to the 20 people who dropped a comment for the continuation of this novel, everytime I look at your comments it makes me feel inspired and let me keep writing so thanks for that!!

Secondly, this novel will most definitely recieve a mass update but I'm not sure when. I would like to do it tomorrow but my mom is forcing me to actually clean the house for once (I'm 19 so living with my mom is still acceptable, so dont judge me). I will probably mass update it on Sunday so look forward to that.

Lastly, my usual end of the week live stream will take place on YouTube on Saturday at 2pm and Sunday at 5pm both will be Pacific Standard time or whatever time it is in Florida. The video will be called

Novel Review Of A Badass Otaku #2

and will contain a variety of ideas, plots, and maybe even spoilers if people actually show up. Those who show up can actually throw ideas my way and I could even use it in my novel for later use. Anyways, besides that, if you like my novel be sure to leave a review, comment, AND/OR powerstones on your way out

Love you guys so stay beautiful!!!!!!


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