Attack On Titan: The Disaster Zone
3 The Prelude To Three Years Worth Of Training
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Attack On Titan: The Disaster Zone
Author :carloswatler76
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3 The Prelude To Three Years Worth Of Training

Mako Carson...or maybe he was Mako Yeager now, was bored, incredibly bored as he was still in the middle of waiting for the full hour to be over, each minute seeming like a century had gone by. The rain had cleared up a while back, the sun coming out from behind the clouds, casting its bright rays of light onto the land once again. However while the warmth did feel nice, Mako had also lost the only thing that had been covering him from more titan attacks. He figured that he had about ten minutes left before he was beamed up or teleported to the spot where he would be yelled at by the instructor of the 104th cadet corp, Keith Shadis.

If he remembered correctly, in the anime he had completely passed over Eren along with some other people when he was shouting and making rude remarks. The rude remarks werent just for kicks though as he remembered that there had definitely been a reason to degrade the kids in such a fashion. He couldn't remember why though and very much bothered him, he was an adamant and dedicated fan of AOT and could recite everything from the dubbed and subbed, from front to back. So not being able to remember the reason behind all the shouting was a thorn in his side as he struggled to recall the missing pieces of information.

It was then, with two minutes left until it was time for him to teleported, that the ground began shaking, signaling that he was no longer alone. Picking up his blade from the ground, Mako spun around on his heels and took a fighting stance, ready for whatever was thrown his way. However he quickly realized that this titan was marginally smaller then the last one he had fought, approximately between the three meter range to the four meter range. Actually, instead of being tense and anxious, Mako was excited, eager to test out his supposed increase in ability and power.

The titan kept coming, and Mako pushed off the ground and charged at him with lightning speed, closing the remaining distance within mere seconds. The small giant didnt even have enough time to react before he reached it, proving that his boost in agility had been not only doubled but tripled, making him feel like he could probably go head to head with a racehorse and almost beat it. Though he had expected an increase to his abilities, he honestly didn't expect a boost to such a degree, and the feeling was absolutely thrilling. However, he was unable to gauge any more of his physical capabilities as, right when he was about to slash at the giants legs, he teleported.

It wasn't like in any of the movies where there was some type of warning before it happened, he in the middle of attempting to slice the heel off a titan and then he was in the middle of a dirt field surrounded by twelve to thirteen year olds all lined up. Not only was he transported without his blade, his outfit had changed, his height had dropped by about four of five inches, and he was standing with his left hand behind his back and his right hand clenched into a fist over his heart. The whole thing was quite disconcerting as his senses finally began catching up with him.

His brain followed close behind and warned him not to move, to keep still otherwise he would have to face consequences he wouldn't enjoy. Howeber he took the first few seconds to take a good look around, only needing a quick 360 degree spin before standing back at attention. This place exactly matched the place that was shown in both the anime and the manga, barren and lifeless without so much as a sliver of joy to be found anywhere. It appeared to be a simple bowl shaped arrangement with about 10 buildings behind him, 6 to his right and 3 more to his upper left. A classic watchtower was placed in between two of the buildings on his upper right, along with a single path that formed a loop allowing horse-drawn carriages to make their way up and down smoothly. To his far left, beyond the bowl was wide expanse of field that had a fence surrounding it, a training field of sorts. He had only gotten a brief glance in the one full turn so he wasnt entirely sure about all the details of the place but he knew that the cadets had lived here for more then three years in simple training so he figured he would have plenty of time to map the place out in his head.

The next thing he addressed was the clothing he was wearing. When he had arrived in this world, he had been wearing a pair of shorts and a jersey, the outfit he had fallen asleep in last night. Now however he was wearing a tan shirt underneath an even tanner vest with long sleeves, an emblem of two swords crossing was positioned over both his left pectoral and his left shoulder. His shorts had been switched out for a pair of white pants and long brown boots, making him feel rather constricted as it was all rather tight, preferring loose clothes to tight ones. Every single cadet standing here seemed to have similar outfits to his own with no exceptions, each person standing at attention and ready to be verbally assualted. Speaking of being verbally assualted, it looked like Keith Shadis had picked out Armin to be his very first victim.

"Hey moptop," Keith shouted, approaching a frail looking kid with rather longish blonde hair and blue eyes. "What do they call you maggot."

Mako tuned it out as he had heard it all before, countless times after repeatedly watching this show for years, he could give Armins answer word for word back to him without even having to think about it. As a matter of fact, he even knew the order in which each person would be interrogated. It started with Armin, then, followed by Thomas Wagner, Mina Carolina, some random guy, Jean Kirstein, Marco Bott, Connie Springer, and finally Sasha Blouse. He personally felt that the best one out of all of these was when it was Sashas turn so he was sure as hell going to pay attention when it was her time to shine. However the had only recently started on Thomas, who looked like he honestly wanted to be anywhere else except here.

It was then that Mako zoned in on the silver haired man and someone tagging along behind him. Two side characters that had taught him why this was completely necessary, to be yelled at in a completely demoralizing way. Using his sharp hearing, he strained to listen to them as they were quite a distance away, out of earshot for normal people to eavesdropp on the conversation.

"Look at him go," The silver haired man said, smiling proudly as he walked around the recruits, staring at the instructor as he yelled as someone. "The man is a master when it comes to fresh face recruits."

"Yeah, that takes me back." The younger soldier chuckled as he followed the older guy, his gaze also fixed on the instructor. "But whats with all the intimidation?"

"Its a rite of passage," The old man explained, his arms behind his back as he walked, more then willing to teach the younger one what was happening. "Through stress of degradation we can make them into blank slates. From there we can essentially mold them bit by bit into proper soldiers. He is the first step in the process."

The younger soldier noticed somethong peculiar and hurriedly pointed it out, curious as to the reason. "There are some he's passing by." He said as the instructor passed by Mako Carson and 5 other cadets.

"Training instructors are nothing compared to what those recruits went through," the man explained patiently. "They were there, witness to the horrific titan attack two years ago. You can read it in their faces. Come on, its time to go." The silver haired man finished the lecturing and moved away with the younger soldier.

Mako was intrigued, finally remembering what he had forgotten by listening to the two older men ramble on about the cadets. He now had a much clearer picture as to the way they trained the recruits here. Personally he didnt approve of their methods, but in a world where the survival of humanity hinged on these recruits, it was easy to overlook how it was done as long as it was effective. He ignored everything else to ponder what kind of training they would have to do. Though he had watched the anime and read the manga, the three years of training had essentially been one huge timeskip. They had only shown a few key training points before the training was over and three years had past.

His attention snapped back when he heard a strange sound, or rather it was the lack of sound that was rather strange. He turned around not afraid of being caught as he knew what was coming up next, the hilariousness of Sasha Blouse, commonly referred to as "potato girl".

The place was deadly silent as Sasha chewed on her potato, her face showing every bit of her nervousness. The instructor dropped the person he had been holding, Connie Springer, and turned his attention to Sasha. "Hey, you there, what do you think your doing?" Sasha kept on chewing, her face growing more anxious as she glanced on either side of her to see if he was talking to her. Despite figuring out that he was talking to her, she raised the potato to her mouth and took another bite.

The following reaction was akin to an explosion as Keith stepped up to her face and began screaming at her. "Your officially on my shit list, just who in the hell are you?" Sasha, after swallowing her piece of potato stood up straight and stood at attention shouting out her name and place she was from, potato crumbs stuck to the corner of her mouth.

"So your name is Sasha Blouse huh?" Keith asked as he stood in front of her with a serious look on his face. "And what is it that your clutching in your right hand?"

This contimued back and forth for a bit, though the instructor didn't even seem to be slightly amused by her as he had a rather dark look on his face. The scene played out all the way until Sasha pulled off a smaller piece and said she would give him half. This was probably the last straw as he gave her a perfectly harsh punishment, the exhausting project of running until the sun set.


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