Attack On Titan: The Disaster Zone
2 The One Called “The Disaster Zone“
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Attack On Titan: The Disaster Zone
Author :carloswatler76
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2 The One Called “The Disaster Zone“

Mako slid down the wet, evaporating and steaming corpse of the titan and landed on the ground. He had accomplished a feat that was greatly beyond the humans of this world only because he had superior mental strength and a strong body. If he wasnt a lightning quick problem solver or his instincts and reflexes had been even a tad bit slower he most certainly would've been crushed to death from the moment he rolled away in the beginning or been caught when he clashed head on with that titan. In this reality, what he had done would probably have been considered impossible to most normal people, but in his own reality, there would have no doubt been others who, if knowing what was happening beforehand, could've done a much better job then him. He may have been better then people in this world but he was nothing special when it came right down to it, just luckier and a bit smarter then average.

Mako now had to figure out what to do next, not really a fan of standing outside with his clothes soaked through or having to walk around with the squishy feeling of wet socks underneath his toes. Though he was tempted to walk over in the direction of the hole in Wall Maria, he knew that area was crawling with titans ranging from 3 meters to 15 meters in height, making it a total death trap. However, if he stayed on the outside of the wall he was bound to get spotted and picked off by titans, without proper equipment or weapons, he was just serving himself on a silver platter for them. The whole thing just lead directly back to him getting picked off and eaten by these barbaric monsters, not leaving room for many options. However, when faced with those two options, Mako opted on the inside of the wall for numerous reasons. Though the entire inside of the wall was crawling with titans, since it used to be a town, there would be plenty of places to hide inside of it while making his way to Wall Rose which was a distance of 100 km or 62 miles, a reachable distance that could be traversed in a number of days.

Having picked out his course, Mako began making his way through the pouring rain and the muddy ground towards the huge hole in Wall Maria, not worried about being spotted due to the sheets of water continuously dropping from the sky. He had taken about ten steps when time literally came to a dead stop, freezing everything in its place except for him. The drops of water remained frozen in the air but they still soaked into Makos shirt when he walked by them. Though this wasn't the only weird thing that happened to him today it was sure as hell at the top of the list as Mako did a full 360 degree turn around, getting a clear glimpse at every single thing that had been frozen in place.

"That was pretty good for your first ten minutes in this world," A deep voice said, appraisal clear in his tone. Mako spun around to confront the voice and came face to face with someone who looked like just a normal average guy he would walk past and take no notice of. He had blue eyes, a small mouth, and about average height but thats all Mako could get description wise because of the long black overcoat he was wearing and the fedora he had covering his head. "I was correct in choosing you to come to this world. You obviously have potential!" The man nodded in approval and adjusted the fedora on his head.

Mako was a bit confused as to what the man was talking about but he kept quiet, figuring the man would start making sense eventually. "I know your wondering why your here in this world instead of the bed you went to sleep in last night, and the answer is simple. I brought you here." The man smiled in apology but then continued to speak. "This world is on the verge of collapse by a man who calls himself 'The Disaster Zone'. This man threw himself into the story and is now upsetting the balance of this world, prematurely killing off the main protagonist Eren Yeager before he could set things into motion."

The man looked greatly troubled as he once again readjusted the Fedora on his head. "You probably want to return home, but I need you here to fill in for the place of Eren Yeager and to complete the events that have yet to unfold. Once you complete the things needed, once the world is stable enough for it to exist without you, you may return home." The man waited for Mako's response after he had finished.

After much thought and various emotions, Mako asked one question that greatly took place above all others. "Who is 'The Disaster Zone' and what does he hope to gain by doing all of this? Is there a motive to his madness or is he just out for good ol' destruction?" The why wasnt so much important as the who as the more one knew about their opponent, the easier they were to fight and defeat.

"He's a god that has fallen to the level of a mortal. In revenge for losing his immortality, Disaster wants to plunge the world into chaos, but there's only so much he can to directly influence things such as getting a titan to best Eren Yeager. Though he used to be a god, he has fallen therefore his power is greatly diminished and he can most definitely be killed."

"If your saying he used to be a god, then why haven't you killed him yourself? Is he stronger then you?" Mako was still suspicious of the whole thing but if he wanted to get home, back to his relatively normal life, then he had no choice but to listen to this guy who looked like he came straight out of a 80s black and white movie.

"As he has fallen to a mortal level, us gods have lost all right to interfere due to our strict code to have nothing to do with mere mortal afairs. In fact, what I'm doing is strictly illegal but I can't stand by and do nothing when a world is on the verge of collapse." The man had a determined expression on his face as he spoke, his eyes full of resolve. "In order to defeat Disaster and rescue this reality, I'll gift you with three things. First I'll transfer all Erens ability to you, his Attack Titan transformation, and change your appearance to match his own. Second, I'll change everyone's memories of Eren from the past 12 years of his life to your own name. Finally, I'll make you stronger, more agile, and much smarter, things you'll need in order to survive here."

The man raised his hand and pointed his palm straight at Mako's chest. There was a flash of light and a rush of energy, then everything returned to normal, or at least back to how it was before the man raised his palm. Mako now indeed felt stronger but not to the point where he was suddenly One Punch Man, but rather more like a super increase to his own endurance and stamina. The rush of energy was super exhilarating but Mako temped his excitement and only let out one solid "Wow" before calming down.

The man smiled and lowered his hand, clearly pleased at his obvious success. "Well, I guess that concludes my visit so I'll be taking my leave now." The man turned around and began walking away but stopped, appearing to have forgotten something. "Oh yeah I almost forgot but in exactly one hour, you'll be transported to where the 104th cadet corp first started, thats where you'll be lined up and ready to get yelled at. Oh and you'll be shrank back to a 12 year old, so good luck with that." With those parting words the mysterious man took a step forward and disappeared into thin air.

The rain which had been frozen since the man arrived once again resumed pourong onto the already soaked ground, time returning to the way things had been before the appearance of the supposed god. Mako was probanly the only thing that hadn't returned to normal, still processing all the information that Fedora, the nickname he had given to the man, had fe to him. He would've liked to believe that it was all just a dream or even a simple hallucination, but it was difficult to claim this when he was standing in the world of Attack On Titan with very real, very cold rain pouring down on him. He wanted nothing more then to go to sleep and wake up in his own bed, but that didnt seem to be an option. According to Fedora, if he wanted to get home, he simply had to get to a certain point where Eren Yeager, or rather now it was probably Mako Yeager, was no longer necessary in this world. When exactly that would be wasn't clear to him, but he knew one thing for certain, if he didnt fight for it, he'd never get back to his simple life ever again.

Mako grit his teeth and stomped his feet into a nearby puddle, spraying water everywhere as he finally made up his mind. He'd fight and win, he'd show the prick calling himself 'The Disaster Zone' that he wasn't some bitch to be fucked with. He wasn't going give up no matter what it took, because he had a cuase worth fighting for, vowing right then and there to kill the mortal son of a bitch and go back home to take a nap and eat a bowl of ramen.

Mako pumped his fist into the air and smiled, ready to get the show on the road.....adter he waited a whole hour of course.


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