Attack On Titan: The Disaster Zone
1 Mako“s First Kill In A New Reality
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Attack On Titan: The Disaster Zone
Author :carloswatler76
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1 Mako“s First Kill In A New Reality

Leaping over the rubble of a collapsed home, a young man with blood streaming from a wound above his left eye made a mad dash towards what looked like a perfectly safe cottage. The ground beneath him shook gently as the boy kicked open the door and dove inside while muttering nonsense words to himself, praying that it didnt find him. The floor of the house shook as the young man hurriedly took refuge underneath a nearby desk, salty tears building up around the corners of his eyes as he squeezed his eyelids shut, prepared for the worst. The whole house seemed to shake around him as the sound got louder, more pronounced and then stopped. The young man held his breath, too afraid to even twitch a finger let alone do something as essential as breathing. The repetitive shaking began yet again but this time, with each shake, it seemed further and further away.

The man let out a sound of relief but didn't move from his spot underneath the desk until the sound faded away completely. He was undoubtedly happy that he would live another day but wasn't about to give away his postion over a little successful hide and seek game with death. Moving to the window, the boy peered through its cracked surface, glancing left and then right, making sure there was nothing out there that could harm him. He took a deep breath slowly peeking his head outside the front door, doing a quick survey of the ruins that surrounded the house before pulling his head back in.

He noticed three hiding places that he could move to next, at least the ones that were close by, all he had to do was make a run for it and hope for the best. The young man closed his eyes, counted to three in his head, and then pushed himseld into a run past the door and into the openness of the wide unconcealed are. The man made it about three feet before a giant hand fell downwards, wrapping its giant fingers around him, nearly squeezing the life out of him as he felt multiple bones begin to break, the hand lifting him off his feet and into the air. The hand rose 2 meters, 3 meters, 4 meters, all the way to 5 meters in the air before stopping before the creepiest face one could ever have seen. The face looked like it belonged to that of an old man, but it had an unchanging creepy smile that showed two rows of its crooked yellow teeth.

The young man began screaming but the 5 meter tall giant didnt seem to mind as it gazed curiously at the screeching human in its hand. Its eyes almost looked human but it was clear that this creature had no hint of humanity in it as it began to lift the squirming male to mouth, its jaw opening unnaturally wide. The rancid smell of death mixed with rotten eggs filled the air as the wriggling male was placed into its mouth. The human tried to escape from its mouth, and made it about halfway before the teeth came crashing down like a jagged guillotine, butchering the man in two. Blood spraye everywhere as the top half of the man dropped from its mouth and landed on the floor with a thud, all life draining out of him, his head split open from the fall. The last thing he saw before darkness overtook him was another lumbering monster reaching its hand for him.


Mako Carson opened his light green eyes, the feeling of cold rain washing over him as he slowly regained consciousness. He rubbed his hand against his eyes as the blurry images that plagued his vision became clearer and clearer until it was perfectly focused. However, what greeted him wasn't the familiar view of his own ceiling but rather abnormally creepy face of a huge behemoth standing above him some 5 meters tall. The giant wasn't moving, just hovering above him with unblinking eyes and a terrifying snile that showed off every single one of its crooked yellow teeth. The first thought that ran through his mind was that he was dreaming, but the rain splashing onto his body as he lay on the wet grass quickly washed that wishful thinking away. He didn't think he was dead because this didn't seem like any type of hell that fit what he was taught. So he was forced to accept that this was reality and that he might've been transported to some alternate reality.

While this may seem like a huge jump in logic to others, Mako was an otaku and those with otakish nature tended to except the weird and the impossible marginally better then regular people. However while it may have been cool to have wished to be transported to another world, it was an entirely different situation for it to actually happen to him and Mako was more then a little freaked out. This was especially true when there was a 5 meter tall giant standing over him watching every breath he took. For the full minute that Mako had been awake, the giant hadnt moved a single inch, its gaze fixed only on himself, never blinking and never breathing, just hovering there. Mako had an inclination to move to explore the place around him but felt that at the first sign of movement, the creature would almost definitely attack. He couldn't even lift his head to look for possible escape routes that would help him in his attempt to flee.

Gritting his teeth, Mako decided to just chance it. Placing his left palm flat on the ground, he pushed off and rolled to his right, leaping to his feet. The moment he moved a hand shot down and slammed into the spot he had been previously, grabbing nothing but a handful of dirt. Mako didn't stick around to see how the gigantic humanoid figure would respond, instead, after a quick survey of his surroundings, decided to head towards a rather big clearing with a big wall in the distance. Though he knew it was a foolish choice to run straight to an area without any cover he had also spotted something that could prove benenficial to him at the base of the tree a couple meters ahead of him, near the edge of the forest. An old blade that looked rather dull and had a bit of rust creeping up on it, but in Mako's opinion, it was a matter of life and death, and he was determined to survive.

He had to find out how he got to this world, why he was here, and if there was a way to go back to his own original time, one where he didnt get chased around by giant freakazoids trying to eat him. The only way to do this was to fight! As his favorite anime character had once said, If you win then you live, if you lose then you die, if you don't fight then you can't win!! He zipped by and grabbed the blade in his hand, however the blade didnt have a hilt to it, nothing to grab onto except the metal itself. This would prove detrimental if he wanted to swing it at the monster and wound it to the point where the thing was longer able to follow him. He had no illusions that he could kill something that big with something so small, but if its body was similar to a humans, he thought that maybe he could sever the tendons and muscles connected to the foot and buy himself some time for a hasty retreat. Though it wasn't a totally foolproof plan, it was the best that he could come up with under such mental strain.

Mako ran as fast as his legs could carry him, straight into the wide open clearing before skidding to a stop and turning to face his enemy, blade clutched tightly in his right hand. Though he wasnt a cocky moron, he felt a bit of confidence in dealing with just one 5 meter tall giant with a single blade. He didnt have any preconceived notions that he would suddenly become so OP that he could kill the damn thing without difficuly, but he wasn't just going to run towards the wall without even giving it a struggle. However, the giants behavior was irregular it seemed as it hadnt moved an inch after it had first attacked Mako.

The rain ran past his hair and into his eyes as Mako stared at the unmoving figure with serious eyes, not planning on lowering his guard regardless of what the thing did. He had figured it out the first moment he had layed eyes on it, the moment he had rolled away, and the moment where he had grabbed the blade. This creature was a titan from the one of his favorite anime/manga of all time, Shingenki No Kyogin, a completely fictional world that revolved around humanoid creatures attempting to devour humanity. Of course this didn't mean that he wanted to get the giants autograph, it just meant that he had better not underestimate the big fellas speed as he had seen multiple titans run very fast in the anime and knew that some had lightning fast reflexes.

The rain was sure coming down, practically almost coming down in sheets, making visibility that much poorer. However, it gave Mako a bit of hope as after he immobilized the titan, he could use the thick cover of rain to hide in as he made his way over to the busted entrance of what he now realized to be Shiganshina, the town that had been overrun by titans when the Collosus titan kicked a huge hole in the wall allowing titans to go through it. The titan now about 300 feet away from him was still kneeling, its hand positioned on the ground clutching dirt in its hand. It remained this way for another minute before moving its head and staring in Mako's direction with its creepy grin, water running down his face. Mako raised his blade, clutching it so tightly that his knuckles turned white from the strain. The titan slowly rose from its kneeling position and let out a guttural scream as it started its charge.

The ground began to shake as the giant moved at a surprisingly quick pace considering it size, but Mako could see one flaw to its running speed and that was its immense size. When one begins running at a full speed you have to steadily build up your own momentum, you don't just start out at top speed but gradually get faster otherwise you'll be in danger of tripping over your own two feet. Mako lowered his stance and waited for the lumbering titan to close the distance between the two of them before turning around and running away. He was basing what he was doing next on normal physics and nothing more, putting his faith in the fact that, though this was a different world, the laws of science still applied to it. Running away from the giant, Mako poured on his speed, the wind blowing in his face and water spraying into eyes as he began calculating the next step of his plan. Just as he expected, the titan, not wanting to let the human escape him had increased his speed and would likely be on him within mere seconds, bolting towards him as fast as its rather hairy legs could carry it.

Mako slowed down his speed and clutched the blade with two hands, preparing himself for the next part because he would probably only get one shot at it. The giant was practically right on top of him when it reached out a hand to grab him, but Mako, with inhuman-like speed sidestepped the hand and then stepped forward raising his blade. As the giant ran past, he stabbed the blade into the back of its ankle and dragged the blade all the way to the other side, using every bit of his strength and some of the giants momentum to pull it off. This along with the titans momentum made it fall down almost immediately and roll across the ground for a couple dozen feet. Not pausing to check if he had injured it enough, Mako broke into a run, heading straight for the creatures neck, the only weak point on a titan that could truly kill them. If not struck or sliced in the correct spot, the titan would only regenerate regardless of what you cut off, even managing to regrow lost limbs. The only known sure-fire way to kill them is by slicing an area one meter long and 10 centimeters wide on their nape.

Mako watched as titan struggled to get up but fell back down again, and that was when Mako reached it and made his move. Though the rain made it a bit harder then it should've been, Mako ran up the titans arm and stopped when he reached the back. Without wasting a single moment, he raised his blade and sliced it four times across its neck, taking the dullnes of the blade into account and hitting the same spot four times for maximum effectiveness. The titan was still trying to move, and even began trying to shake Mako off of its back, prompting him to repeatedly slash the neck over and over again before the giant finally collapsed and ceased to move, steam starting to rise from its body as the rain kept on coming. Mako, having accomplished a kill tilted his head back and let out a scream, bellowing out in triumph as he stood atop the titans carcass.


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