-- Program Magic in Anime Worlds --
18 Birth 6 Years Time Skip
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-- Program Magic in Anime Worlds --
Author :FannyDesu
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18 Birth 6 Years Time Skip

As I was saying, the woman was wailing around trying to push a baby out of her eomb and our MC tried to help his mother so he pushed the baby softly until the other side is able to get the child.

Next up was our MC himself trying to get out of the womb and just like the first birth he experienced, he dived to the hole.

You might be wondering how but remember that our MC used [Auto - Pilot] to increase bodily functions so this much is just an ant to what he can do as an infant.

After childbirth, he saw a wooden room enough to house around 3 to 4 people inside which can be currently seen that it is filled with tools to do childbirth.

Doctor : Here you go Ma'am, your two children are as good as the most healthiest children alive.

Ma'am : Thank you. *breahes in* Seems like I can see them and live with them until they grow enough to live themselves separated from me.

Baby Mi : 'I guess that is my mother.'

His mother has a blonde hair color with black colored eyes, a simple shaped face and nonetheless can be considered a model.

Nevertheless, as our Baby Mi was thinking that he was a little borther again...

Mother : I shall name the firstborn to be Shizuno while the secondborn as Lei.

Mother : By the way, where is his father?

Doctor : Sorry to say Ma'am that your husband has not visited you even once while you were still bearing your child.

Mother : I see, it seems he doesn't care about us. Nevermind then, obviously he never really cared about me or even my children.

As they were talking about that, they didn't realize that Mi was trying to take a look at the documents settled on top of the table around the vicinity.

With his trained senses and the [Auto - Pilot]'s work to increase body efficiency, he didn't try that hard to take a look at the documents.

Mi : So my mother's name is Sanguro Eimi. And it looks like we got a problem already, I hope that my sister doesn't want to meet father to connect the broken pieces together just to create an easy to shatter family.

Thinking of every thing that may arise and counters to every problems and situation that he doesn't want to see. He unconsciously used his memory partition and thought acceleration to create as many counters as he can.

Fatima : Host is currently using [Memory Partition] and [Thought Acceleration] to maximum potential. This is the reason why the Mother System has given you these abilities, as she knows that ever skill you get are being used to max potential.

Mi : So these are the effects of these abilities. I see, it seems getting these abilities are a boon.

Our Mc currently had a thought.

Mi : I do not want to use [Auto - Pilot] to skip 5 years of training, I want to use this chance to make memories as lmthe last world was hectic. I do not want to die again so quickly.

With that said, he closed his eyes and slept.

~ O// ~ 6 years later

6 AM in the Morning

? : Shucks, I may become late this time.

You can see that a youth was jogging in a park donning a black oversized hoodie paired with black sweat pants and black colored running shoes that has the max grip on it. In short, all black. Of course this is our MC! His hair coloured brown but his eyes are coloured in golden brown.

Lei : Gotta run faster or not? Which one?

As he was thinking that, he saw a blonde haired girl flashed to his side.

? : Otōto, you have to jog faster to make it to breakfast you know?

That's right, its his sister that was the flash earlier.

Lei : But still Big Sis, isn't it really dark outside when we started jogging. How come its bright already?

Shizuno : Its because its almost 6:30 AM silly.

Lei : Eh?! Then go jog faster Big Sis! You know I could just go directky to the house without even taking the road.

Obviously he is talking about how he was running through the forest when he was in Douluo Dalu I. He never took the road but instead ran on trees.

Shizuno : Okay Otōto, I'll be going now.

And with that, his big sister goes ahead infront of Lei and ran fast.

Lei : There goes my sister going fast. I should probably start as well. [Ocean Wave Flowing Steps][Enhance : Speed][Enhance : Jump Boost][Enhance : Resistance] Now that I'm ready, let's go!

With his preparation, he was able to go from roof to roof silently like a droo of water as he was using his skill [Ocean Wave Flowing Steps] and as he was using the minecraft framework, hr was able to enhance both his speed and jumping power. As for resistance? Its resistance to everything, including wind and with that he decreased the effect of wind to his running speed.

And within just 3 minutes he was in front of their house. The house was a simple wooden house using blue roofs, white walls, glass windows, plant boxes, front yard, double wooden doors and obviously covered benches to rest when needed outside. It was a 2 story house though.

When Lei looked on his right, he saw his sister Shizuno jogging lightly.

Lei : Slow?

Shizuno : No, you are just fast.

Lei : Not really, just simple.

Like seriously, if he can't do that how can he survive throught the attempts of the Assassination Corps from the Douluo Dalu I.

Shizuno : *sigh* Let's just enter the house, hope mother's waiting for us with a smile rather than a whip.

Lei : Well, I could dodge but that is my mother so obviously I won't. It is punishment of course so I have to bear with it.

Actually not, his body is like water giving his body the ability to transfer damage to any part of the body which he uses to transfer the damages to a cell in his body.

Shizuno : You are a cheat.

Lei : Its an itch sister.

Mother : Oh really?

Both were shocked by a voice that travelled from the house.

Mother : Get inside.

And as fast as they could, they enetered the house.

Mother : I would like to say, it seems both your speeds are fast enough. Fast enough to dodge my first attack at my whip that is.

They suddenly had a cold chill on their backs as they could see their mother standing in front of the table.

Mother : Well, eat first you guys. I don't want you going anywhere without eating.

You may think that this woman is kind, then you are wrong.

What she cooked was as black as the void, and there was no sensing that this could be edible. Just by looking at the food, you could tell it should not be eaten.

Lei : Mother, next time I should cook alright? I have skills.

Mother : Really? Then you should become a house-husband.

Lei : Mother I ain't joking alright?

Mother thinks carefully and said.

Mother : Alright, I'll let you cook once and if I do not see that you are a good cook then you are still stuck with eating my cookings.

As she was saying that, Lei already gone to the kitchen and looked at the current ingredients.

Lei : Enough for a chicken stew and still can give us side dishes.


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