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-- Program Magic in Anime Worlds --
Author :FannyDesu
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17 Upgrades

So here I am. Again. In a womb of an unknown woman.

I think I'm gonna go crazy, I can't talk yet but there is something that is keeping me sane. And that is...

Tang Mi : Fatima, how long is it?

Fatima(System) : Estimate completion time would be 1hr.

Tang Mi : Well, I guess that's good? It doesn't really hurt to practice meditation right?

Fatima : Reply to Host. The Host will only have upgraded roots and can be said to be beneficial to Host's journey.

Tang Mi : By the way Fatima, what kind of world?

Fatima : Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

Tang Mi : Ah! Modern Magic I believe?

Fatima : Yes Host.

Tang Mi : Though I would like to go on Auto Pilot... Well I guess I could still in an hour.

~ O// ~ 1 hour later

While Tang Mi was waiting, he suddenly heard a voice in his head.

Fatima : Host! The System has been upgraded!

Tang Mi : Oh?! I didn't expect that one, I thought you were just going about editing the world laws to accept your existence.

Fatima : Host is both correct and wrong.

Tang Mi : How so?

Fatima : Restricted access. Advise to Host to continue to work hard and have fun.

Tang Mi : ... Is it due to the upgrade, my system got more lively than I thought.

Fatima (Female voice) : Of course Master, I have to suit your preferences.

Tang Mi : There goes the voice change.

Fatima : [Scanning the Host][No ailment found][Unknown elements found, scanning energy pathways of the energy][Elements found on the host's body isn't circulsting due to not having an external module]

Tang Mi : So I guess, pushion and psion?

Fatima : Named the elements [pushion] and [psion].

Tang Mi : Good then.

After asking for about 5 minutes for info about new features...

Tang Mi : Now then, [Auto - Pilot]

[Condition : Peak of body in the fetus state until 4 days before childbirth; efficiency increase of the energy 'psion'and 'pushion'pathways][End] That should do it? Hopefully Zhou doesn't come out strange.

He then looks to his left and saw Zhou there floating around connected to a cord.

Tang Mi : That's you huh Zhou, hope you still remember me My kitty.

~ O// ~ 3 days before childbirth

Fatima : [Host suffered a bit of soul damage due to transfer][System has healed the Host slowly to ensure safety][Auto - Pilot has been ended, please wake up Host]

Mi : Well, I guess this is 4 days?

Fatima : 3 Days Host. As you have unknowingly damaged a part of your soul by transferring another human into another world.

Mi : Uhm, am I the only one damaged?

Fatima : Yes Host, the System took upon itself that you would have regretted transferring another soul that could potentially damaged so to ensure the safety of the other System has transferred a bit of your soul to protect the other in the void.

Mi : High Intelligence is showing its effect. How do you even have the database to know your eligible upgrades?

Fatima : Your system is just one of the seeds planted by the main system, in this case me being the seed and the other being the farmer who grows the seed and gives it to certain individuals.

Mi : Oh, so in the main system then. No starter pack?

Fatima : There is... open?

Mi : Please do so.

Fatima : Congratulations, you have recieved

[Minecraft Frameworks][CAD(can be customized by using [Program Magic] ][Memory Partition][Thought Acceleration]

Mi : Stats please?


Name : ? | Age : ? | Race : ?

Skills and Abilities


[Elemental Cloning(sealed)]

[Ocean Wave Flowing Steps(sealed)]


[Quintessence Katana Arts(sealed)]

[Eyes of the Moon Goddess(sealed)]



[Minecraft Framework]


[Memory Partition : 1]

[Thought Acceleration : 1]

[Physique Refining : 1]

System Points : 1 000

[Shop][Inventory][Auto - Pilot][Map]


Mi : Fatima, how does the framework work?

Fatima : It makes you able to use the mechanics of the game. Like being able to punch wood into blocks to be used and also be able to craft anything you want.

Mi : Isn't it a game? So hostile creatures?

Fatima : Hostile Creature? None.

Mi : Good, I don't want someone being attacked by hostile creatures of the game.

Fatima : The main system has highly likely to have seen that the world laws will reject you if there happened to be changes in the world.

Mi : Oh I see. I guess I need to start to ensure my twin's safety?

After ensuring that the child beside Mi can be sure to be drove out of the womb safely, he positioned himself at the back to be the last one to be brought out.

Fatima : 6 seconds till childbirth of the mother.

Mi : 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

*fwooshhhh* The entrance opened and there goes us.

Mi : No problem like San's childbirth yeah? Nice, my turn!

And there goes our MC breathing the air of a new world.


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