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-- Program Magic in Anime Worlds --
Author :FannyDesu
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15 Death

~ O// ~

In a certain dark and murky place, there gathers a group of people donning dark robes with hoods that cover their faces up to the nose and a bamboo hat that cannot be seen through.

A : The assassins we have sent have failed.

B : They are much stronger than your average Spirit Elder it seems.

C : They are connected to the "grandmaster" after all. Who would be normal if they were under the tutelage of the "grandmaster"?

A : The direction they are heading to is --!

D : That is right, Shrek Academy. It is a fact that those who graduate there is strong enough to "defend" from a Grade above them and overpower an opponent in the same grade as them.

B : But ... these two certainly exceeds that. It seems they can battle and defeat an opponent a Grade above them.

S : We can let our disciples kill them with the reward of being able to become an core disciple of our sect.

A : That certainly is an amazing reward.

S : With the condition that they are only at D rank. If it was a rank above D then they are only rewarded with being an inner disciple.

All : Agreed.

S : Disperse!

~ O// ~

In a pathway in the middle of the forest.

Mi : Seems like someone is trying to kill me...

Zhou : Who?

San : Assassins. I see, they are an organization or maybe a hidden sect just like mine.

Wu : Brother, do you think they can kill Brother Mi?

San : I guess if he isn't on guard all the time, it is obvious they can but ... I doubt that would happen.

Mi : Oh brother! You noticed this as well? What have I been doing these past few years then?!

San : Under a trained person's eyes, your movements cannot escape. *with a prideful voice*

Mi : Then, did you realize I am just a clone?

San : Obviously not. Your clones can be said as another you.

The one who said that dispersed and turned into a slime, accurately the [Mimic Slime].

Mi : Tang Sa--

Then goes an arrow in his forehead. After which his eyes turned into a shocked one. There goes *poof*.

A man in black said towards the air, so I've been watched since the beginning. Of course, you can't be a nobody if even the leader sent out a Black Crow for you.

Mi : Fatima! Buy me a skill where I can search his memories even in death.

Fatima : Host has bought "Memory Seeking".

Mi : Memory Seeking!

And after 10 or so minutes, he released a sigh which in turn automatically caused him to summon a clone and let it sit in meditation.

Mi : So they have started to move now huh? Big'bro, I'll leave this place right here right now. But don't worry, I have stationed 300 clones in different parts of the country. These past few years, I have not been idling by. You can search for them, boys have the surname Pa and after that you can call them Mi, for the girl type you can call them Liz then Mi.

San : Where are you going?

Mi : Somewhere not here in this continent.

Zhou : Let me come with you!

Mi : ... *thinks* You want? Even if it is so faraway?

Zhou : Even if it is another world I would come with you! You know I can't live without you!

After Zhou said that, she reached for Mi's nape and kissed him passionately and Mi being kissed in such a way did not reject and instead returned it.

Mi : Depends tho. I can only bring one but it is enough.

San : You better be careful Mi, it is dangerous to be alone so cover yourself with disguise.

Mi : Don't worry bro. I'm not that dumb to become a walking target.

Zhou : Goodbye Sister Wu and Brother Tang.

Wu : Bye bye Sister Zhou, hope you become happy.

After saying their piece, they seoarated after Mi summoned a hundred or so clones to different directions to prevent the assassins from coming to their area and securing a path.

Mi : Zhou, come here.

After Mi opened his eyes, the Sharingan turned into a Mangekyo Sharingan and opened up a portal.

Mi : Zhou, I warn you though. Only the soul can go inside, not the body so after you have become a corpse I'll store it for you.

Zhou : How about yours?

Mi : I have my ways.

*whistling and rustling of leaves*

Mi : Quickly!

Zhou then jumps to the portal and right after, her body was gone as her body was stored inside Mi's inventory.

Mi : Fatima! Store my body after I jumped to the portal okay?

Fatima : Host's request accepted.

After which he was stabbed countless times by needles that were flying towards him since Zhou jumped.

Mi : ARGH!!! Sh*t, fvk off [ ].

As Mi was saying that, his [Mimic Slime] turned into a rope and binded itself on Mi and threw him to the portal.

Mi : Partner! Come back!

and just like that, the [Mimic Slime] returned to Mi's spirit space and he was dragged off into the other side of the portal.


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