-- Program Magic in Anime Worlds --
14 5 Years Latur~ Departure Attemp
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-- Program Magic in Anime Worlds --
Author :FannyDesu
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14 5 Years Latur~ Departure Attemp

So, the legendary timeskip! *shining stars in the eyes* So here we are 5 years --

Zhou : laturrrr~

And I gotta say!

Tang Mi : Zhou, am I macho?

Zhou : Probably, 12 years old and you have ripped muscles already. Is it normal?

Tang Mi : Probably not. Its not normal, even you aren't normal.

Zhou : Why-?!

Tang Mi : A gorgeous beauty who seems like she just descended from the heavens... I think you really aren't normal. Comparing yourself at someone your age. Yes, you are definitely not in the norm!

Sigh, do you guys know? We've been having fun these past few years in school like so. We were titled as "The Heavenly Demon Couple". Wanna know why?

Random person in a whisper : Hey guys, its the THDC! Who's suicidal enough to dare confess to them?

Random person : I guess its a girl. I bet 1 silver!

Random person :




Random rich guy with a maniacal grin : Oi beauty! Come with me will you? I can pay for your services.

Tang Mi suddenly flared up his killing intent and the guy pissed his pants.

Tang Mi : Ohya? Someone actually really dares to get my kitty in front of me? How foolish.

Then a flicker of light entered the crowds vision and after that appeared to be a still standing man with visibly pale face.

The duo just continued walking as they still need to meet Grandmaster.

While they were doing that, the man dispersed into nothingness including his blood and such.

~ O// ~

They were walking when they bumped into a blue haired youth together with a brown haired lass donning a pink clothes and her hair in a braided ponytail. Yes that is Xiao Wu.

Tang Mi : Big'bro! Yo! *nods to Xiao Wu beside his brother*

Tang San : Lil'bro. Good morning. *and also nods towadds Zhou* Heading to teacher?

Tang Mi : Yes! I've finished what he asked.

Tang Mi after speaking summoned a spirit ring giving a violet light. Zhou summoned hers as well, also with a violet color. The violet signifies those spirit beasts slain are atleast in the age of 1 000.

Tang San : I see that you have gained your third spirit ring. Congratulations lil'bro! Let's go to teacher now. I'm sure he'll be glad to have a student like you under his wing.

Tang Mi : Hehehehe, but brother. I am not the only one who has the third spirit ring right? There's also my kitten and your rabbit as well as you yourself... did I get that correct brother?

Tang San : *chuckles* Smartass! You've really gained intelligence in certain aspects.

Tang Mi : In certain aspects only? *dejected sigh* Brother, don't make me so helpless, it gives a bad image to my kitten.

Zhou and Xiao Wu just laughs and had small talks while walking towards Grandmasters room --.

? : Oh? You guys are here. Come inside.

4 of them : Yes Grandmaster.

~ O// ~

Grandmaster : I see that you have progressed that much and already surpassed me. So much talented students, I am proud to have accepted you guys.

Tang San : No teacher, it is because you have guided us in the right way and giving us theoretical knowledge and understanding towards spirits and herbs.

Tang Mi : Yes yes teacher. If I was to learn through myself, I could become a King at best and a Duke in my worst. But with your guidance, I was able to become an emperor!

Zhou : I thank you Grandmaster for guiding us both, Tang Mi and I, to the best of your ability.

Xiao Wu : Eh? Is it farewell? Its not right?

Grandmaster : Silly, we aren't saying farewell. It is just temporary goodbye as you are to go to Shrek Academy. You will know the reasons when you get there.

Xiao Wu : Then why the serious atmosphere?

All except Xiao Wu just laughed and nods to each other in silent agreement and after some small talks, they left Grandmaster's room and slept for tomorrow's departure.

~ O// ~

5 AM - Gate of the town

The four of them were having talks on which direction is to go to Shrek Academy.

Tang San : I believe this would be the way to Shrek Academy.

Xiao Wu : I'll go where brother will go!

Zhou : How about us Mi? Where we going?

Tang Mi just fell into deep contemplation of what's gonna happen in the series and decided that he may need to leave his brother alone until the Shrek Seven Devils are made and then he will make a move.

Mi : Well, sure why not. I'll just give out conditions before I join the academy if ever I was considered pass.

Zhou just nods and gone to stick closer to Mi. She hugs Mi's arm and whispered.

Zhou : Mi, what were you thinking earlier? Are you thinking about something related to our safety?

Mi : I guess you can say so. If brother and sister-in-law passed the examination, then we are considered safe. But otherwise, I don't really know just yet of our safety. After all, I'm not a user of fate magica. *looks to the left*

Zhou : Mi. I was actually thinking... Do you want to be the one to move or am I? *leans closer*

Mi : I guess I will. After all, you do not wanna see such scene right? *smirk* [Elemental Clone]20x

And after he summoned 20 clones, he threw 10 or so needles with Sharingan activated. When he threw them, the needles bend towards the foreheads of the assassins. He was taught by his big'bro how to manipulate needles to where he wants it to go and after 2 or 3 months, he was able to master it perfectly.

He still remembers his big'bro told him.

San : Naturally talented at assassination I guess. *threw three needles towards vital points of Mi*

Mi naturally catches the needles and threw them again towards the sky wherein 2 birds fell.

Mi : Oh ya? I missed one bird... guess needs polishing.

San : I guess so, you are right. Strive for self improvement brother. And combat experience is also needed.

Mi : Combat experience? I could create clones of myself and let them battle to the death. I do recieve their memories alright?

San : Bro, such a cheat!

Back to the assassins...

Zhou : I'll give you a reward? I want it clean tho.

Mi : Guess... 1 kill 1 kiss?

Zhou : Depends on my mood tho?

Suddenly, all bodies fell towards the ground but--


All bodies got gathered in one place and buried on the ground.

Its actually the corpse of the assassins together, and there is blood trickling down from the center of their eyebrows.

San : Accuracy needs improving...

Mi : Brother, you saw right?

San : Of course I do, brothers knows best!

San declares that as he puffed his chest out.


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