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-- Program Magic in Anime Worlds --
Author :FannyDesu
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13 Kitten!

Tang Mi : Zhou--!

After which a black flash flickered at the edge of my eyes and upon seeing that, I let my body drop into a defensive stance and held the shadows stomach and lifted the collar of the shadow and bending my back as far as I could and let the shadow's head smashed the ground.

Zhang Zhou : Dumb Mi! You actually know my place, but how?

Tang Mi : Did you forget this god's prowess? Are you low on the intelligence category?

Zhang Zhou's face was covered in red hue due to embarrassment and anger. Unable to hold it in anymore, she lashed out against Tang Mi.

Zhang Zhou : And here I was worrying about someone as dumb as you? I was a fool to think of your better health. Hmph.

Tang Mi : 'Is she a tsundere?! Damn! I'm in luck!'

Zhang Zhou sensing that someone was talking behind her back

Zhang Zhou : Were you thinking about something about me?!

Tang Mi : Of course not. 'Damn! She's sharp about these things!' Anyways, wanna go look around? I was gonna go search for some materials to upgrade Shiro.

Zhang Zhou : Shiro? Who's that? A friend?

Tang Mi : My partner since I learned how to be a blacksmith. It was my first weapon and right now it is still on me.

Zhang Zhou : Can I see?

Tang Mi : When we are alone I could let you see Shiro.

Zhang Zhou : Alone? *blush* What are you thinking?!

Tang Mi : Yeah, when we're alone. I couldn't let you see it in public right? Come on let's go look around town.

Zhang Zhou : A date then...

said that in a whisper like volume.

After leaving for the market, Tang Mi just created 3 clones probably by habit and told them to spread out and look for treasures while he looks around with Zhang Zhou.

Tang Mi : Hey let's go to the commercial district as there are bound to be stalls there selling their wares and stuff.

As they were heading to the district, they passed by an orphanage and seeing the look of Zhang Zhou towards the orphanage he suggested they go to the orphanage after they bought some stuff at the commercial district.

~ O// ~ In the room of Grandmaster

Grandmaster : So, his slime isn't an ordinary slime seeing that the slime devoured completely the carcass of the beast it gained its spirit ability from. Also, the degree of control of Tang Mi towards his "weapon" which he calls [Shiro no Kireaji] is superb as he knows where to strike. Is this his results from training? Such monsters I have accepted as disciples.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door and Grandmaster opened up for the man standing on the other side of the door.

? : Grandmaster, seems like I haven't visited you that much in the past few years huh?

Grandmaster : Tang -- Hao!

Tang Hao : So you remember me Grandmaster.

Grandmaster : How could I forget as you are the only one who believed my research and also you are the father of Tang San and Tang Mi am I right?

Tang Hao : You are right Grandmaster and please take care of my sons. You are the only one I can trust. Here is the badge of the Supreme Pontiff. With these you can be considered as a Supreme Pontiff and eligible to command the knights as long as it is within the privileges of the badge.

Grandmaster : Why do you leave your sons to me?

Tang Hao : If they follow me, they will only see cruelty and as they are not strong enough to follow me yet. I will train them when the time comes, I have many things to attend to I shall take my leave.

Tang Hao then disappeares while Grandmaster was thinking deeply.

Grandmaster : 'A high and mighty douluo reduced to this. I can only help you train your sons as far as I can until your return, Clear Sky Douluo.'

~ O// ~

Tang Mi : Oi Zhang Zhou, you okay? We are in front of the orphanage already, are you still thinking about earlier? I said I was serious didn't I?

Zhang Zhou : Oh shut up you dumb Mi! I'm thinking about my parents you see?!

Tang Mi : Oh! I thought about that and I saw your parents by your description and they are in the commercial district as well.

Zhang Zhou : Eh?! Then... did they see?

Tang Mi : Of course not. How could I let them see? I need to be secretive and protective of my possessions.

says our MC proudly. I bet you guys don't know what happened? Obviously since I didn't tell you guys! *laughs* Now! For the flashback.

~ O// ~

Tang Mi : Oi Zhang Zhou, should I call you by your full name or I just call you by a nickname?

Zhang Zhou : What if I told you call be by a nickname?

Tang Mi : I'll call you my little kitten. Because you are as cute as a kitten and its really soft. Its also very agile you know?

Zhang Zhou blushes and says in whisper : No need for the last part right? I was just fine with the first two sentences. *sigh*

Tang Mi : Huh? What was that?

Zhang Zhou : Nothing!

They just continued to look for things Tangi and Zhang Zhou for everyday necessities and also gears and items that are needed when venturing through the forest. After which they bought food for the kids in the orphanage.

~ O// ~ End of flashback

Zhang Zhou blushes : Come on let's just go inside!

When they entered, they were greeted by a group of nuns running the orphanage.

Tang Mi : Greetings, my name is Mi and this girl here is my kitten *Zhou pinches Mi* I meant my Zhou.

Nun A : Isn't it nice to have a couple here in the orphanage? Come come, you are very welcome inside the orphanage, usually there is no one interested in entering the orphanage as the people do not like kids here.

Zhang Zhou : We are just here to have fun together with those of our age group!

Tang Mi : ? *makes eye contact with Zhou* Yes yes, we are just here to play with them. Look we brought some food for them to eat! Its more fun to eat when sharing with them.

They were let in by the nuns and saw a group of kids playing over the garden in the backyard.

Tang Mi : It looks fun, right Zhou? I really wonder if they have their awakening ceremony...

Zhang Zhou : Of course they do, the Spirit Hall tries to get some spirit masters here inside the orphanages as there is luck to find a rare spirit with high enough innate spirit power.

Tang Mi : Oi kids!!

Kids : You are a kid!

Tang Mi : *laughs* You guys are right! I am also a kid! Come here, I got food I bought outside! Let us all eat to our heart's content you hear?

Kids : Yay!!!

Zhang Zhou blushes when she saw the smile on Tang Mi's face. She just now learnt that Tang Mi was really handsome. Even if they were kids right now, she was sure that he will grow up into a lady killer. Then she just realized, 'Should I go with the initiative or just be a side character? *shakes head* No! I want to be by his side even if the world turns on him I will never leave his side!'.

Even if there was nothing worth of her affection, it seems that there was something inside the heart of our MC that captured the maiden's heart.

Tang Mi : Zhou, you wanna eat as well? The food might grow cold when you are not getting your portion.

Zhou : Coming! Just get me my set of wares!

Tang Mi : Here, just say "Ahhhh"

Zhou blushed and does what he wanted : Ahhhhhh... delicious!!!

Tang Mi : Hmpf! I can cook better! Just wait when we're out on a adventure, I'll cook for you the best meal that surpasses those restaurants that nobles dine in!

Zhou just chuckles and kissed the cheeks of our MC.

Zhang Zhou : Then try to do just that, I'll be waiting for the food. Also, who says I'll go on an adventure with you?

Tang Mi just blushes and says : Of course I did. You are mine remember? And that kiss of yours was the seal to the deal!

The nuns seeing this happening says : A-hhh. Kids these days sure are active on relationships. I hope they don't separate as I see it, they are perfect born for each other.

After another hour of playing with the kids, they said their farewells and promised to meet again as spirit masters and if they don't they will still look out for each other.

And so the day ended with a smile on the couple's face.


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