-- Program Magic in Anime Worlds --
12 Oh Hey! That Works!
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-- Program Magic in Anime Worlds --
Author :FannyDesu
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12 Oh Hey! That Works!

As we have separated from Zhang Zhou, we continued our hunting in the forest for my other spirit ring.

While we were walking, I remembered about my Elemental Clones and created them. I ordered them to scout the area and find a suitable spirit for my Mimic Slime. I gave them the idea to make my spirit ability much like R*m*r* T*mp*st's [Predator].

As a millennial of the modern era, I have watched my fair share of mangas and animes and wanted to recreate one of the protagonist's skill.

As always, the boring part, waiting.




After about 2 hours of waiting, my clones have found what I wanted. Asking permission from Grandmaster and Tang San to get my spirit ring together, they agreed to it saying something like "Whatever you get, we are sure its something ridiculous" something along those lines.

Having said that, I activated [Ocean Wave Flowing Steps] that increased my speed by 40% and ran as efficiently as I can by jumping on the tree branches giving me a suitable terrain to run and junp along.

Tang Mi : I feel like I'm a ninja right now...

Tang San : Agreed, you really look like a monkey by jumping and running on tree branches.

Tang Mi : Oh shut up brother, you know it as much as I do that its much more efficient running on trees. *grins* And who are you calling a monkey if you yourself is doing what exactly am I doing?

Tang San : Come here you brat. Let me give you a lesson about staying silent.

Grandmaster just laughs at our antics as we really look like close siblings and we are in fact close with all these happening, we already like to depend on each other.

I suddenly stopped as a surge of memories entered my mind.

Tang Mi : My clones defeated the spirit beast, lets get faster there already as its like 10 minutes away from our position given we are walking as leisurely and around 3 minutes away if we are running.

As they were running, they saw a huge blob of green colored goo.

Tang Mi : Oh hey, a family member. Am I right partner?

Saying that, I summoned [Mimic Slime] and saw it shaking furiously as if wanting to absorb it already.

Tang Mi : Alright chill bro, we have as much time as the earth continues its axis around the sun.

I led the spirit ring to float above my [Mimic Slime] and tried to absorb the spirit ring safely to my [Mimic Slime] while also retaining the ability of the green coloured Slime.

After about 20 minutes, the proccess was done. I immediately checked my Spirit Abilites.


Spirit Ability :

[Golden River Grass]

-Bind and Poison(optional)(1st Ring)

[Mimic Slime]

-Mimic (innate)

-Predator (1st Ring)


After absorbing the spirit ring, my [Mimic Slime] devoured the carcass of the beast and mimicked the beast and then return to being a slime.

Grandmaster : So its possible to use your clones to kill the spirit beast and the main body can absorb the spirit ring. I guess that works well too.

Tang San : Brother, you are too much of a cheat. Teach me that skill okay?

Tang Mi : If I were to give you this skill bro how can I manage to surpass you? You know you even without this can already be strong to defeat a Grade above you. If I were to give you this, you can really kill a Grade above you! And that is really gonna be problematic. I don't want you to be a murderer when you are just a little boy.

Tang San : Look who's talking, who's a little boy huh? Ora! Teme! Come back here!

Grandmaster : Alright stop that. We should go back to the Academy as we need to go, the beasts may be attracted over the blood spilled right here.

Tang San : Grandmaster is right, we need to go.

Tang Mi just created 50 clones to distract other beasts from going to their location and leading them to the other direction.

After about 3 hours of walking and Tang Mi recreating clones and telling them to lead beasts on the opposite directions, they finally arrived at the academy.

On the way here, they registered at the Spirit Hall to inform them of their ranks.

Now now, don't misunderstand. We are not allies of the Spirit Hall, we are just required by the academy to inform the Spirit Hall. about our improvements and also to recieve their support.

As they do that, a clone of Tang Mi was walking around town to find the house of Zhang Zhou to check up on her. And after about 15 minutes, he finally found the place.

It was located East of the academy. It was a normal looking house for a family of four I guess.

After finding the house, he created a clone and the creator dispersed sending Tang Mi the memory and immediately informed Tang San if he wants to go with him to meet up with Zhang Zhou. Tang San rejected saying he got blacksmith orders.

I just threw it at the back of my mind and just go to Zhang Zhou's house.

After arriving, I shouted at the top of my lungs--.


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