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11 Spirit Ring Get-o!
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-- Program Magic in Anime Worlds --
Author :FannyDesu
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11 Spirit Ring Get-o!

Thank you for your support and sorry about my novel as it is not that interesting to read. Oh and sorry because I do not know how to write fights in detail and stuff so I apologize in advance.

~ O// ~

As the snake was coming in their direction, Tang Mi has already prepared all that he could.

Clones that are considered as refill tanks for spirit energy, clones with a sharp katana, and much more. Heck, he even gave 3 clones each for Tang San and Grandmaster.

As the snake was neaeing their position, Tang Mi threw a sleeve dart which was given by Tang San in case he was in need of a surprise attack but he just used it to create a distraction for his clones to close in on the snake.

After the distraction was made, every clone in the vicinity sliced at the snake and made a sound much like a metal sliding against another metal. All the clones could do was scratch the surface of scales of the snake.

What is more shocking was that the snake had a pig's snout with a long thin body which can be said to give the snake less wind resistance to increase its own speed.

After the attack was deflected, the snake tried to bind a clone and succeeded but the clone just dispersed.

Of course, Tang Mi's group of clones did not let the sacrifice in vain as they tried and tried to leave a wound open at the snake.

Tang Mi suddenly had an idea and tried to use it.

Tang Mi summoned his [Mimic Slime] and used it to mimic a katana which is so thin as thin as a strand of hair. After which he created yet another set of clones to restock up the lost clones and used them as a distraction.

The snake was obvlivious to what was happening and just kept up on binding whatever it could grap and then hissed as it was suddenly invaded with a sense of pain.

That's right, Tang Mi succeeded on slicing the vital point of the snake. With the help of his Sharingan, his perception increased tremendously but did not let it go over him and tried to search for the weakspot of the snake. Upon seeing the weakpoint and also the vital point of the snake, he sliced at it and let the slime return to its usual form and let it invade the blood cells of the snake. After which Tang Mi ordered it to mimic a big ball of spikes and the snake suddenly stopped.

That's right, the spikes have reached the heart and has pierced it through at that.

The snake was dead, the truth, and a good news. As the snake fell, a spirit ring suddenly appeared over the snake.

Tang Mi was surprised as he could see the ability of the spirit ring with his Sharingan.


Race : Silver Scaled Luck Snake

Age : 422

Spirit Ability

[Golden River Grass : Bind & Poison]

[Mimic Slime : Treasure Seeking]


With that said, he could already guess what he wants to use to absorb the ring. Of course its the Golden River Grass . Tang Mi dispersed the clones in the battle and recreated the clones to guard him. He then summoned his spirit and got ready to absorb the spirit ring. The spirit ring got closer and closer till the spirit ring loomed over the Golden River Grass.

After 15 or so minutes, he was successful and yelled over Grandmaster and Tang San.

Tang Mi : I got my first spirit ring! I'm now Rank 11 ! *laughs* I'm not surprised that I would not skip ranks as the spirit and age of it is not over the age of 423.

Grandmaster and Tang San : Congratulation my disciple/brother. Now we can find you another spirit beast for your other spirit.

While they were talking, the [Mimic Slime] was rolling over the Silver Scaled Luck Snake and covered the snake and suddenly transformed into the Silver Scaled Luck Snake.

Tang Mi was surprised over this development and could not help but say

Tang Mi : So you are sentient as well huh. I'm not that surprised as you can understand my ideas of katanas in my mind. If you cannot read my intention then I would not bother about it. And right now I don't bother over it as you are my spirit so I look forward into fighting with you my partner!

The slime now turned to snake wrapped around Tang Mi and shrank to about palm size and formed into a bracer around his right biceps.

Tang Mi : Come on, let's check Zhang Zhou if she's done.

Zhang Zhou : No need, I'm here already. I'm surprised you fought so well against a snake much faster than other common spirit beasts of the 423 years of age.

Tang Mi : No need to be surprised, I can do the impossible you know?

Tang San : *rolls eyes* Stop bragging brother. Grandmaster and I can confirm that you cannot do the impossible as you are just a meager Rank 11 Spirit Master, yet.

Tang Mi : So I can do the impossible after I've reached a certain rank.

Tang San : It depends.

Zhang Zhou : I know I'm not one to talk but do you guys want to go home or keep hunting?

Tang Mi : I suggest we go keep hunting. Zhang Zhou, you coming?

Zhang Zhou just shakes head saying,

Zhang Zhou : No, I'll go home. You can find me near the academy.

Tang Mi : Sure sure, I'll send my clone with you so you can feel at ease.

Saying that, he created another clone of himself and sent him to guard her, with the permission to create other clones if need be.

After saying their goodbyes, Zhang Zhou left while Tang Mi's group of Masters continue their hunting for his other spirit a spirit ring.


Name : Tang Mi | Race : Human | Age : 6y/o

Spirit Energy : 3 300

Spirit Regen 330/10 min (5min/meditating)

Spirit Density : 1.0 (reset)

Health Points : 1 100 (100 increase per rank)

Spirit Rank : Rank 11

Spirit : [Golden River Grass][Mimic Slime]

Spirit Abilities :

[Golden River Grass]

-[Bind] with [Poison(optional)]

[Mimic Slime]


Skill List :


[Spirit Manipulation : 1] (reset)

[Spirit Control : 1] (reset)

[Meditation : 2]

[Physical Refining : 1]


[Kick of Origin : Self-Created]

[Ocean Wave Flowing Steps : Self-Created]

[Elemental Cloning : 2


[Quintessence Katana Arts : Self-Created]

[Eye of the Moon Goddess : Self-Created]


[Ghist Shadow Perplexing Track]

[Purple Demonic Eyes]

System Points : 750




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