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-- Program Magic in Anime Worlds --
Author :FannyDesu
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9 Meeting with ?

Author : Where were we? Oh yeah, Tang San and Grandmaster heard a scream, yep.

~ O// ~

As they went to the source of the scream, they saw a girl with blue to violet hair, light blue eyes, soft lips, white skin in a floral kimono holding a blue colored umbrella.

The umbrella was as if it had its own sentience by the way it collaborates with its owner. Right, collaborate.

As Tang San and the Grandmaster was heading to the sound, Tang Mi was currently looking intently at the woman, girl to be exact as it is shown by the body development of the lady.

Tang Mi : "Oi girl. Need my help defeating that thing? It seems like you need its spirit ring to me."

[Fatima][Status][Target : Sight]

-=-=-=- Basic Info -=-=-=-

Name : ? | Race : Human | Age : 6y/o

Spirit Energy : 100

Spirit Regen : 5/min

Spirit Density : 1.0

Health Points : 1 000

Spirit : [Vintage Umbrella]


So... common? And I think the name won't show until I know her name myself.

? : Uhm... yes I need help. (Can't you see I'm being backed unto a corner here?!)

Tang Mi : That being said, you look like you can finish the fight and end up the winner of the battle. You do agree with me, right Grandmaster and Brother San?

Hearing that, both of them nod while seriously observing the fight.

Tang Mi on the other hand activated his Sharingan and see the minute details of the beast and his increase of perception just helped him be sure of his decision to just watch the fight and as soon as the girl would be killed or seriously injured, he will come with the fastest move he got.

As the battle was nearing the end, you could see the girl sweating a bunch causing Tang Mi to blush as he could see the curves of the girl as her clothes were sticking to her skin. The curves the girl had was tremendously broken! It can captivate a man even just by walking. I guess the one who gets the girl should just explode for nornal people she is a goddess and for spirit master, she is a couldron, as for those who are finding true love ? Its just a bonus that the girl was captivating.

Where was I? Oh yeah the fight! So the girl was already on the verge of sinking into unconsciousness and was just hanging on willpower. With a few gash here and there. As for the beast? It has one eye pierced by the sword held by the girl, two to three slashes each part of the body(legs and arms). It was truly an awful sight to behold.

Tang Mi prepared for the worst by creating a clone with his Wind and Earth element. The resulting effect on the clone would be increase in speed, defence, and strength departments.

Upon the conclusion of the battle, the girl won but not surprisingly as a spirit master should be able to do this much, if not then you are not a spirit master. You are just a spirit trash.

Tang Mi : Hey girl! You okay?

? : Is that even needs to be asked?

Tang Mi : Well of course it is. If you have the energy to be like that to a person then you don't need help.

As the both were talking, the clone dispersed sending the memories and enlightenment of the clone to the main body.

Sitting on the ground, Tang Mi tried to hit the iron while its hot and meditated over the enlightenment he graciously so recieved.

Then suddenly, as if the Earth wanted to be subservient to Tang Mi, he was covered by a thin film of Earth Qi and balanced it insifdde his body. His body, absorbing the Earth Qi, was suddenly condensed to the point where his body can pulberize a rock without using spirit energy.

Tang Mi : Amazing. So this is how it feels to gain enlightenment. *nods in satisfaction*

Tang San : Little Bro Mi, what do you mean?

Tang Mi : Brother San, do you know why my Katana Arts I created was strong to this point? Its because of the application of specific elements inside my Arts.

Tang San : So you mean your Katana Arts can absorb and apply elements in your movements making your Katana Arts a deadly technique.

Tang Mi : Yes, and by the way, this time I was applying that incorporating that to my body.

Grandmaster : Hoh. Looks like I have to study the Elements of Nature to strengthen myself as I am stuck in Rank 28.

The twins agreed to their teacher's idea as it could be beneficial to their training.

~ O// ~

Note : Guys, I need your help. As you know, I'm just writing as a hobby for past time things and stuff, and I'm kinda liking ny novel but I am running out of ideas. Please submit your ideas on the comment section. Please! I really need help. Thank you for your continuous support for my novel. Thank you!


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