-- Program Magic in Anime Worlds --
8 Spirit Rings here I come!
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-- Program Magic in Anime Worlds --
Author :FannyDesu
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8 Spirit Rings here I come!

Tang Mi : "How much longer? *opens up [Map] in 2D mode* *sigh* 2 more hours!"

Yes, that's how deep in the forest Tang Mi is. He didn't know where the place he trained at because he was just guided by Fatima, unconsciously avoiding Spirit Beasts that are in 1 000 years old and above.

To speed things up, he uses [Ocean Wave Flowing Steps] increasing his speed by 40% and his agility, dexterity, and perception by 20%

~ O// ~

In a room where two men are talking to each other. A middle-aged man with a white hair and a youth with a plain face are talking about the youth with special characteristics. They are Grandmaster/Yu Xiao Gang and Tang San.

Tang San : Teacher, when do you think my brother will come back?

Yu Xiao Gang : My guess would be this week or today.

Tang San sips a bit of his tea and asked

Tang San : How so?

Yu Xiao Gang was reading a thick book with a title of 'Pathways for Energy/Physical Refining'and is taking notes.

Yu Xiao Gang : You can call it a teacher's instinct.

While the two were talking, a certain youth was standing outside the door, quietly listening to their conversation. And as if on que, he knocks on the door and entered, upon seeing Tang San, he leapt to his side and catched a dozen or so needles that prevents oneself to circulate and use their Spirit Energy.

Tang Mi : Oi oi oi, you better not aim and flick your elbows like that. You never know when your elbow might break, right Tang San?

The two were surprised at how the youth knew of their name, took a look at his hair and saw the all-too-familiar shade of blue.

San and Gang : "Tang Mi! You actually know how to return?!"


San : *shakes head* You yourself know that you are directionally challenged.

Yeah, our MC is directionally challenged. If you were to tell him to buy rations worth for 5 months, it might take him around 3 hours to find what store he is looking for.

Tang Mi seeing the look in the face of his teacher explained what he was doing in the forest. Quickly telling his teacher that he can absorb his first Spirit Ring now.

Yu Xiao Gang : Well, surely you are not kidding me right? Three months and you are still Rank 10?! Just how much training did you attend to? *sigh and shakes head*

Tang Mi : Teacher, what do you think is suitable on my spirit [Blue Silver Grass]?

Yu Xiao Gang : My guess would be Control System with abilities leaning towards [Durability][Poisoning][Binding].

Tang Mi : How about my [Mimic Slime]?

Yu Xiao Gang : Supreme Strenght System, abilities leaning towards [Durability][Expansion][Extension][Devour][Illusion]

Tang Mi : Those are some hard to come by abilities. I have an idea for the [Binding:Blue Silver Grass] and the [Devour:Mimic Slime].

Tang San : What Spirit Beasts can have these abilities?

Tang Mi : For the [Binding], it would be best to get a 423 year-old Silver Poisonous Snake. For the [Devour], it would be a Man-faced Spider with a most optimal age.

The both were shocked to the heavens as they could not believe what their student/twin just said. They were actually thinking of the Spirit Beasts mentioned by Tang Mi before Mi told them.

Grandmaster : You are a bright young man Tang Mi. Yes you are right, both spirit beasts are the most suitable spirit beasts to your Spirit. Increasing your flexibility in battle I presume?

Tang Mi : Yes teacher, to prepare for sudden attacks as well as increase of survivability in case such situations occur.

Yu Xiao Gang : Alright, prepare to head out tomorrow morning 7 AM sharp. Tardiness is not in my dictionary so we will leave at exactly 7 AM to go to the forest to get your spirit rings. Meet me at the entrance of the forest.

~ O// ~ Next Day

After training his [Eyes of the Moon Goddess] in the middle of the night, his eyes has gained an outline of a golden color marking below the eyes. He left the academy and head to where the Grandmaster is waiting at. And after they talked of a few trivial things, he used his [Mimic Slime] to turn into a mask without a hole for the eyes as the mask is opaque while the inside can be said to be transparent to the max.

Grandmaster did not mind it, he turned and saw Tang San not far away waving and smiling at them.

Grandmaster : Come on. Let's go and get your first spirit ring. *sigh* I still can't believe you haven't got your spirit rings for your spirits. Makes me wonder how you survive the forest for three months.

Tang Mi : Its because I am so dazzling the spirit beasts could not even go to my light!

Tang San : Mi, stop fooling around. You better find the spirit beasts you wanted to get for your rings.

Like the calm and serious person Tang San is, he reprimanded Tang Mi because of his foolish behaviour.

As soon as he was repeimanded, he jumped over the tree branches and started to jump fron branch to branch increasing his speed each time his feet touches a solid ground.

As he was increasing his speed, Tang San became alert as he doesn't want his little brother going to trouble now can he?

Grandmaster was shocked yet again, a Rank 10 Spirit Scholar was able to create his own movement technique while he as a Rank 28 Spirit Grandmaster hadn't been able to create his own techniques.

Then Tang San and Grandmaster suddenly heard a scream.


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