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-- Program Magic in Anime Worlds --
Author :FannyDesu
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6 Shiro no Kireaji

[ [Auto Pilot] has been turned off due to finishing what has been ordered.]

I woke up seeing the Katana in my hands.

It had a white sheen and a thin blade. Testing it at the pig iron beside the forge, it cut the iron like a hot knife slicing through a butter. A white and comfortable hilt that can be confidently say that it is a fine measurement of the hand of the kid.

Tang Mi : "It's beautiful." says calmly looking at the blade.

[As a bonus for creating the Katana, the scabbard has been given and is inside the inventory.]

Quickly taking out the scabbard, it was also pure white. Looks like I have the name in my mindfor a while now.

Tang Mi : "Shiro no Kireaji"

The Katana hums ever so slightly because of its name. Seeing that the Katana liked the name, he thinks of an idea and tries to do it.

Tang Mi : "It has been a while ever since I used [Program]. So let's see.


Target : [Shiro no Kireaji]

Command : [Ring Mode][Spirit Ring Mode]

Ring Mode | Transforms [Shiro no Kireaji] into a ring that can be slipped on the fingers.

Spirit Ring Mode | Transforms [Shiro no Kireaji] into a Spirit Ring that is in the most suitable age.

[Save and Apply] and done! Phew!'

So after using the [Program], you drainall the stamina of the [User] huh. Well, that's new. I guess [god] gave another restriction huh?

After seeing Shiro glow a bit then return into its white color, I heaved a sigh as I can most certainly say that this weapon of mine is truly a treasure.

Tang Mi : 'I am guessing Shiro has enough understanding over my words? Let's try' "Shiro [Spirit Ring Mode]

Then made me surprise as Shiro turns into a gas like substance and then turns into a yellow spirit ring with an exact age of 423! Neat right?

Tang San : "Lil'bro! I've finished creating my hidden weapons."

Tang Mi : "Brother, tell me are you being secret or overt. You do realize that Father can hear us right?" says in an amused manner.

Tang San : "Weapons could be seen, techniques couldn't be."

Tang Mi : "Well, isn't it time for us to go to an academy or something?"

Old Man : "Actually you do! You do need to go to an Academy to learn more about the world."

Tang Hao : Little San, Little Mi, you go to an academy.

Tang Mi : "Oi didn't I just jinx myself?!!"

~ O// ~

After preparing to leave the house to head to the nearest academy. I've done some stuff such as creating a bunch of needles because I might need them later when I want to assassinate a lofty noble.

A noble shivers.

Back to the game, I wanted to create a set of armor but realized that if I really created a set of armor using iron, it will decrease my own speed which will give my opponent chances to strike at me.

Well with Shiro with me I do not need to fear some students to fight and if ever we encountered a Spirit Beast, Tang San and I will kill them instantly not letting them run because if we gave them a chance to leave we gave them a chance to kill us. This includes the dregs of society.

After we arrived at the academy gates, we were stopped by a certain guard saying we need a proof of certificate that we are authroised of the spirit hall to be educated in the way of a spirit master, and upon seeing innate full spirit power in the papers he laughed out loud.

Obviously me, having none of it, prepared to summon Shiro and incapacitate this guard when suddenly a man with a white cap and sinple clothing stopped us and said to give him our certificate.

? : This certificate is indeed valid and legit. You do not need to concern yourself with the guards anymore as they will not stop you from enetering once they see you again.

Well with this I could trust Tang San to lead the conversation and with me finding it boring, I began to travel into Star Dou Forest hoping to get my first ever spirit ring.

? : Don't enter the forest as you are not strong enough to handle the spirit beasts.

Tang Min : "Who?!" [Program]

Target : [System:Fatima]

Command : [Map]

Map | Display 2D/3D Model of the Map. Constant detection of entities around you, area of detection 100m.

[Save and Apply]


Target : [Map]

Command : [Mini-Map]

Mini-Map | Gives [User] 2D model of the sorroundings as well as detection of entities around you. Distance is 100 meters. Position is in the top right corner of your vision.

[Save and Apply] [Mini-Map]

Oh I see. It was just...

Tang Mi : "Tang San and Grandmaster?!"

Tang San : "Lil'bro, I haven't ask what your--"

Tang Mi : "Big'bro, shush for a minute. I sense something coming."

While the figure was closing in on them, Tang Mi summons a yellow ring and Grandmaster was surprised.

Grandmaster : "423 year old spirit ring!"

And he was shocked yet again because the Spirit Ring has transformed into a pure white color Katana.

Tang Mi : "Shiro no Kireaji!" "Wind Style One-Hand Katana : Thousand Slices!"

And then the figure was sliced until there was no longer any parts to be seen except the blood.

Tang San was shocked as the movement of the katana was so fast he could not get the glimpse of it.

Tang Mi : "Big'bro, this is my weapon. My weapon for life."

[Kurayami has created the [Self-taught]-[Elemental]-[Arts of the Katana] ]


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