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-- Program Magic in Anime Worlds --
Author :FannyDesu
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5 Crafting

Tang Mi and San : Father, could you teach us how to become a blacksmith?

Tang Hao looks at Tang Mi and San straight to the eye and said that if they want to be taught, they are to slam the hammer to the pig iron ten thousand times.

Tang Mi : "That's gonna be making my arms sore. Wait a bit." [System:Fatima][Status][Target : Tang Mi]


Name : Tang Mi | Race : Human | Age : 6 y/o

Spirit Points : 3200

Spirit Regen : 320/min

Spirit Density : 5 (resets when acquiring spirit rings)

Health Points : 1000 (Every Rank Up x10)

Spirit Rank : Rank 10

Spirits : [Blue Silver Grass][Mimic Slime]

Skill List :


-> [Spirit Manipulation : Max]

-> [Spirit Control : Max]

-> [Meditation : Lvl2]


-> [Kick of Birth]

-> [Water Wave Threading Steps]

-> [Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track]

Ability List :

[System:Fatima][Sharingan(3 Tomoes)][Program][Auto Pilot]

System Points : 1 250



So with that stats, I'm going to slam the hammer ten thousand times? Guess there's no choice.

Tang Mi : '[Auto Pilot : On][Conditions : Hit the pig iron ten thousand times using both hands alternatively while reinforcing the body with Spirit Energy]'

There goes the almighty Auto Pilot.

~ o// ~

It has been three days already and Tang Mi hasn't stop hitting the iron but he is nearing completion to the task. Even his Father was surprised by the determination of his son that could enable him to hit the iron continously without sleeping.

In fact he was actually letting the [Auto Pilot] do its job on doing the same task on how many times and he is nearing completion.

If Tang San was to see his little bro right now, he will surely be shocked because of how well-built his little bro is in just three days.

His strength has risen alot even though it is not shown in the status board, he doesn't need it.

[10 more hits until completion.]




[2 more hits till completion.]

[1 more hit until completion.]

[Auto Pilot has ended.]

Tang Mi : "Fuah~!!! My task is done!"

Tang Hao after hearing his son watched him flabbergasted as his son has the qualities to become a godly blacksmith. Then the sound of the door creaking resounded in the whole room with Tang San arriving home.

Tang Mi : "Welcome home brother! I am done with the task!"

Tang San : "Woah lil'bro you good? Aren't your arms sore from the constant hammering of the iron?"

Tang Mi : "If you were here, you would've seen something amazing~" then appears the mischevious grin plastered on his face.

Tang San : "What is that?" curious to what it was.

Tang Mi : "Its that--" He was cut off by his father knocking him in the head!

Tang Hao : "Shut up my dear son! You don't want that little mouth of your being cut off right?"

Tang Mi then rolls over his eyes seeing his Father like that and then continues to hammer the iron and feels what it was that he was missing.

Tang Mi : "Techniques..."

Tang Hao froze for a second before launghing again. He just saw his son hammering the iron ten thousand times in three days which is impossible if one does not have the courage to do the impossible.

Tang Hao : "Correct Tang Mi, you are lacking in technique which is why both of you come here. I will show you the technique to hammer out the impurities present inside the iron."

The twins nodded and used both of their respective skills to see what movement the technique uses to expel the impurities away.

Seeing the twins focusing on his technique he'll be teaching them, he was all ready to show them in the most efficient and most direct way to expel the impurities and then started hammering out the iron after lifting it out of the forge.

~ o// ~

*clang* *clang* *clang*

The sound of metal hitting against each other resounded inside of the house wherein you could see two children looking alike each other hitting the iron in their respective anvils and creating a melody in the ears of a blacksmith and sound of nearing death to the enemies the twins will face.

Tang San and Mi : "Finally! We did it lil'bro!"

In front of them is their own respective pure iron that can be crafted into perfect weapons. For Tang San, he'll create his own hidden weapons of the Tang Sect while Tang Mi will create his own beloved Katana from Path of Dreams.

Imagining the Katana he held for so many years reaching in his grasp makes him wanna create his Katana immideately but stopped once he saw Tang San not moving

Tang Mi : [System:Fatima][Status][Target : Tang Mi][Condition : Basic Status]


Name : Tang Mi | Race : Human | Age : 6y/o

Spirit Points : 3 200

Spirit Regen : 320/min

Spirit Density : 5

HP : 1 000

Spirit Rank : Rank 10

Spirits : [Blue Silver Grass][Mimic Slime]


So that's my stats for now. I don't need to get spirit rings for now because I need my Katana first. So with that in mind.

Tang Mi : '[Auto Pilot : On][Conditions : Scan my memories and recreate my Katana in Path of Dreams. No impurities. Pure Iron only. Sharp as possible. Durability increase.][Start]

Then goes the crafting process.


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