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-- Program Magic in Anime Worlds --
Author :FannyDesu
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4 Spirit Awakening

With the days passing by with all fun and games of the two little boys. There were events that should begin now.

Tang Mi : 'The story is starting, I better get ready and catch up with Brother to help him. Looks like I have to awaken my spirit to advance in my rank.'

Just as he was thinking about the spirit awakening, he was greeted by the knock on the door.

*knock knock*

??? : "Tang Hao, I'm here to get your sons awaken their spirits. I know that you're sons are already 6 and are ready to take the ceremony."

Tang Hao : "Old man, take care of my boys. They are precious to me and I am not willing to let them die because of the spirit master that was annoyed of my children."

Old Man : "Don't worry Tang Hao, I swear on my life that I will not bring them to harm."

Tang Mi : "What's that going to do with your puny strenght Old Man?"

Old Man : "You cheeky brat! Come here and recieve thy punishment!"

Tang Mi : "That is if thou can catch up to thee!"

Then the Old Man and Tang Mi laugh out like there is no tomorrow.

Tang Hao : "Tang San, come with your little brother and protect him if you must. Tang Mi, protect your Big Brother against the girls alright?

Tang San : Father! What's that with the girls?!

Tang Mi : Brother, you just don't know how that aura of yours is always giving me problems in the dark. Did you know when I am alone without you I am being asked questions by the girls of the village?! Do you know my suffering?! Ah my heart, my brother please lessen your charm because I am gonna die if you keep on your aura!

After that statement of his, they were taken by the old man to the spirit master to awaken their spirits.

While they were on the way to the venue, the old man was saying things about the Spirit Master that left a palm mark in one of the pillars of the village. Since then, the old man wanted another Spirit Master.

With the keen sense of hearing of the twins, they have already prepared a defense combat formation consisting of the twins.

??? : "Old Man, it is time to awaken their spirits."

Old Man : "My honor to see the Spirit Master, please do awaken the spirits of the children in hope for the Spirit Hall to acquire another recruit."

Spirit Master : "No need for formalities. Children come."

The Spirit Master begins to create hand seals and pointed at the Spirit Hall awakening venue. Once inside, they can see the red carpet and also the cleanliness of the venue.

The Spirit Master then turns around and look to the children. Told them to stand side by side, and released his Spirit. He threw five blazing cards and it orbits from the center.

Spirit Master : "The first to my right, go at the center. Remember, let the energy flow and the energy will awaken your spirit. After doing so, your spirit will emerge from your hand. After the awakening is the checking of spirit power. If seen that you have spirit powers, you are elegible to train by meditating and after reaching ranks with zero such as Rank 10, 20, 30 so on and so forth, you are required to get spirit rings to advance to another title."

Tang Mi seeing the children one by one going to the center and awakening their spirits gave Tang Mi the excitement needed to go to the center but first observed his Brother if he will make a move.

It was Tang San's turn when his attention from his inner monolouge was given to Tang San looking at the spectacular effects of the Awakening.

In Tang San's right hand is a BlueSilver Grass and he hid his left hand and summoned his Clear Sky Hammer, quickly unsummoned to not get suspicious.

Spirit Master : Blue Silver Grass?

Then Tang San reaches out to check his Spirit Power.

Spirit Master : Full Innate Spirit Power! But why the trash spirit?! Argh, such unlucky pair. Next up.

Tang Mi then goes to the center. He felt like he was brimming with power, he guided the energy inside him to circulate and directed it all into his right hand and then what appeared as Blue Silver Grass. Also hiding his left hand behind him and released his slime-like tool spirit then quickly hiding it.

Spirit Master : Also the trash spirit?

Quickly checking his Spirit Power, it also was Innate Full Spirit Power.

Spirit Master : Also Innate Full Spirit Power?! What a really unlucky pair. Well, I'm done here. I'll go now.

The spirit Master then turned around to clean up his things and left the two alone inside the venue. Following the Spirit Master out of the hall, the Spirit Master seals the hall yet again and left.

Seeing that, the twins just headed to their house and show their spirits to their Father.

~ o// ~

Tang Mi and San : "Father, we are --"

They were shocked that their Father was sitting there with a never before seen serious face that looks like he's going to war.

Tang Mi and San "--home."

Tang Hao : "Both of you release your spirits, I meant all of them."

The twins seeing its not time to joke around released their spirits. Both having the same Blue Silver Grass. But different spirit when it came to the left hand. But Tang Hao seeing Tang San's spirit couldn't help but cry.

Tang Hao : "San, promise me that you will always use the spirit on your left hand to protect the grass on your right hand. Also, do not put any spirit rings on your left hammer until I say so, understood?"

To which Tang San gave a nod to his Father indicating that he understood how serious the matter is.

Tang Hao then looked over to Tang Mi and looked at the grass on his right and the slime on his left hand.

Tang Hao : "Mi, protect the grass at all costs. Understood?"

Tang Mi then nods again and played with the slimy substance.


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