-- Program Magic in Anime Worlds --
3 Birth of a New Genius! Twins!
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-- Program Magic in Anime Worlds --
Author :FannyDesu
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3 Birth of a New Genius! Twins!

So, its already the time skip. Who I am talking to? To you guys! *chuckles* Well actually its already been like, what, 8 months and a half or so?

I could see my brother here at my side. With the umbical cords around his body.

This is bad!



Name : ? | Race : ? | Age : 8m 28d

Spirit Points : 500 (3200)

Spirit Regen : 100/min

Spirit Density : 5.0 (Its actualy 2x2x2x2x2)

Health Points : 100

Skill List :

- [Passive]

->[Spirit Manipulation : Max]

->[Spirit Control : Max]

Ability List :

[System:Fatima][Sharingan(when born)][Program][Auto-Pilot]

System Points : 1 250



So with that stats in mind, I can actually have control over my spirit! Nice timing!

So with this here, this there, this over there, this here also an~d done! Phew! Now its fine to be born like this. And I'm gonna position further back just to get Tang San be the first to be born so all ready.

~ o// ~ Day of birth

This! Is! So! Annoying!


So yeah, birth, right. I never imagined Tang San's head to be this large. I mean yeah I see him as a brother figure but really, his head is actually making his birth much harder. I guess I have to do my secret technique!

'Kick of Birth!'

That's to give the babies a slight push if its harder to push out a baby!

[Kurayami has learned [Kick of Birth]! ]


I didn't imagine that happening. I mean, really Fatima?! Why?! What have I done to you?!

[Kurayami has helped the baby to be pushed outside the mother so entity[god] has given you a skill to help babies be much easier to push.]

Really [god]?! REALLY?!

*sigh* Let's just get this over with already. So its my turn now! And the water, I meant blood, is sucking me to the outside. So to make my mother's pain go away now. I decided to do my technique!

'Water Wave Threading Steps!"

It uses Spiritual Energy to create an image of a quick and fast wave of water for the user to increase movement speed by 30%!

[Kurayami has created [Water Wave Threading Steps]! ]

Hah! Now that's a cool naming look!

So now that I used it for myself, I've nosedived to the hole to be much faster in addition to the buff so my birth was much faster and quicker than Tang San's.

After being born, I've seen the face of my mother. And man, what a shocker. The light blue hair, the eyes!!! Man, the eyes is so shiny its blinding!!!

[Kurayami has obtained [Eye Resistance]! ]

Imagining the notification. Damn why?! Just why?! Fatima?! Really?! I feel like the world is failing on me.

Then there goes my father, well built for a teen ager looking man. He's buff! Damn. Hot~. But mother is much hotter than you! Hah!

And my vision... *sigh* I guess a babies energy is quickly consumed after being born.

"The big brother is Tang San and the little one is called Tang Mi"

'Fatima, screenshot please.'

[*click* Done!]

Then there goes my eye close.

~ o// ~

In a mountain in a village called Holy Spirit. Two boys were sitting cross-legged. One is a plain faced looking boy, one that could be forgotten even if you know him for years. The only thing that cannot be mistaken for him was the Purple Qi inside his eyes and his aura that is so mysterious. Beside him is also a plain-faced looking boy but much smaller than the other. Redeeming point? I guess its his eyes also. The latter's eyes are colored as a bloody crimson red while the former has a darker shade of blue as his eyes.

They both are absorbing the Purple Qi that is radiating off the Sun! And after a while they were done and stood up.

"Little Mi, what were you doing?"

"Uh~ Copying you?"

Shocked, Tang San asked if he knows what he is doing.

"I absorb the Purple Qi inside the Sun while circulating the energy inside me like you do?"

"Little Mi, no matter what, do not tell anyone about this. That includes father."

"But why? Isn't it much better to tell him?"

"Little Mi, that technique we are doing is a secret technique. If anyone was to know its use, then its no longer a secret. Its called overt."

Tang Mi tilts his head to the side and after a few seconds, he said "Alright".

Tang San : Let's go. Father must be waiting for us. If we make him wait any longer then we are gonna be sleeping outside.

Tang Mi : Alright brother, let's run!

Tang San in the lead use his movement technique and did not see his brother's eyes shifting and getting 3 tomoes inside a ring. He was observing Tang San and saw how the Spirit Energy flowed through his legs. Copying it as well to use to not be left out.

Tang San : 'How can my brother know how to circulate the energy inside his body when I did not even tell him how? Well, no matter, I guess we can call it connection.'

Tang Mi : "Brother, you okay? Are you tired?"

Tang San : "No Little Mi. I am just curious how you are keeping up with me.

Tang Mi : Oh that? I have my own technique as well. *chuckle* You should know, your brother is also a little genius!

Tang San seeing his little brother being all this arrogant and cute could not help but also chuckle at this little demon.

Tang San : "First one to arrive at the house will get to order the other one time?"

Tang Mi : "Sure brother!"

Tang San : "On three! One! Two! Three!"

Then suddenly, they increased in speed not giving out each other a small difference of distance of 1m. Seeing this, the villages took a look and saw two boys running at insane speeds in their eyes.

A villager as unlucky as a bald man was in the pathway and ...

Tang San / Mi : "Excuse us!"

Then goes the wind that was generated by the two!

Bald Man : Damn those kids! Too fast! Can't catch them.


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