-- Program Magic in Anime Worlds --
2 Let“s Start! *Info Dump*
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-- Program Magic in Anime Worlds --
Author :FannyDesu
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2 Let“s Start! *Info Dump*

Notice : Goodluck on understanding my way of using the program magic hehehehe I am new indeed sorry about that. Just comment a way to reduce the commands. Or I could just explain the command. Well goodluck. Haopy reading!


As I was sent by "god", I arrived inside my mother! Hahahaha , this is something new! I can't move much yet, actually its much more like I can not kove because I'm a fetus. Yes, you heard it right, I AM A FETUS.

So, as I was thinking that where is my system?

[Found the soul of the Host.]

[Scanning for the memories of conversation with the entity "god"]

[Scanning complete, found the part of memories.]

[Integrating the [System of Absolute Obedience] to the Host's [Soul] ]

[15% ... 20% ... 40% ... 70% ... 99% ...]

It suddenly stops moving.

'Eh? It's not moving...'

After a second that he was done thinking that.

[100% . Integration succesful!]

[Greetings Host. I am your personal [System] and can be modified in any way you like as you have the [Program Magic] given by the entity [god] ]

'Oh so it's like that.'

[Host should be careful as you are now, you could be killed with a flick of a finger.]

'Please do not make me helpless!'

I retort to my [System]

'*sigh* [System][Status] please.'


Name : ? | Race : ? | Age : 1 day

Spirit Points: 100

Spirit Regen : 10/min

Spirit Density : 1.0 (x2 per 1.0+)

Health Points : 10

Skill List : Does use Spirit Points

Ability List : Doesn't use Spirit Points

[System][Sharingan(unlock at Rank 10)]

[Program][Communication[god] ]

System Points : 1k



Well... I am confident to say that I am really weak! Like damn!

Well, not like I have a choice as I am just 1 day old newborn.

'System, you got a feature that can make me on auto-pilot?"


Well then, let's try my program magic.

○[Program] Start

Target : [System]

Commands : [Auto-Pilot]

Use and Description : Makes the [User] be able to specify what needs to be done while the [User] can choose to be conscious of whats happening or not. No time limit, just conditions.

[Program] End○

[Host has created a feature to the [System]. If I may speak, the [System] not perfect and has many bugs in your language. Due to the addition of functions, you are rewarded with 0.25k system points.]

Surprised. I was momentarily at a loss as I did not expect that I will be rewarded when I was creating a program just for me. But I guess the system can benefit from the feature.

[That is correct, Host]

'Also, please do call me Kurayami. And I shall call you Fatima.'

[The Host's shall be called Kurayami.

"System"shall be called Fatima]

[Ability changed from [System] to [System:Fatima] ]

Damn. So many notifications! And I like the way that Fatima doesn't have those 'Dings' when they are responding to their Host's call or questions.

So me as a 1 day old fetus has kind of seen another fetus beside me.

I'm surprised this is how fetus looks like. I never saw one in the previous life, Earth's technological advancements hasn't reached to the point of being able to see what is inside a human without dissecting but with the government as kind as that one, I doubt they did the human dissecting stuff.

"[System][Scan][Target : Sight]"


Name : ? | Race : ? | Age : 1 day

Spirit Points : 100

Spirit Regen : 10/min

Spirit Density : 1.0

Skill List :

Ability List :


Figures. I guess that is Tang San! I wanna be a little brother so I guess I have to make him be the first one to be born. Hehehehe now I wanna test "Auto-Pilot".

'(Command Start)(Auto-Pilot : Start)(Target : Host)(File Name : Birth of a New Genius)(Activity Designation)

1. Increase Spirit Density.

2. Spirit Energy should proceed to meridians that increase bodily functions and body cleansing.

(Auto-Pilot : Stop)(Conditions for Stop is 2 days before birth)(Command End)'


Too much thinking!!! *Sigh* I don't like the way that I am doing this, maybe I'll wait for another 5 minutes before I give the command to start the "Auto-Pilot". Well actually you know what...

Start "Auto-Pilot : [File Name : Birth of a New Genius]"


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