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-- Program Magic in Anime Worlds --
Author :FannyDesu
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1 I died?!

So here I am in a boundless sea of darkness. Actually it may be the void or something? I don't really care that much, but I am bothered by this middle-aged man in front of me bowing in an perfectly astonishing 90° bow towards me.

[Young one, I am sorry!] He says.

Well, let's flashback to the night before I met the man.

~ o// ~ --Start of flashback--

In a dark night, in front of a computer with the sound of clicking noise so fast its actually deafening.

"Oi oi oi, you gotta be kidding me right? Damn that player is amazing. First he challenges the Vice Leader of the Holy Knights Guild and then continues to challenge the higher-ups to the point that all members are actually dying in front of him in insane speeds!!!" {Player A}

"Oi man shut up! Can't you see his username?!" {Player B}

"It can't be?! Right?" {Player A}

"Oi shut up and pinch yourself and see if you're dreaming! That light blue hair, handsome face, that pointy ears, no armor at all, one katana that has a bloody red thin and long blade with a dark hilt that gives off a wisp of killing intent!" {Player C}

"That is...!" {Player D}

"Sword Monarch!!!" {All Players}

~ o// ~


Outside the game, a player is focused on the screen which makes his handsome face even more charming.

"That was a long hearty fight!"

If anyone was to hear him, no doubt they'll shout at him saying...

"That's a bloody, f***ing war you bloody idiot!"

Yes, that's our MC.

With the fight already ended, he goes to the kitchen to grab something to drink.

"*Gulp* Fuah!!! Nothing beats a bottle of milk right after an exciting fight!"

With that done, he goes back to another computer within which he is currently creating a game which can be easily ranked top 1 but he actually sends a sigh when he faced the program.

"Still... too many imperfections! *Sigh* The graphics, so sh*tty. The skills? Too many problems still yet to be fixed! The storyline of the game? It won't even last me a month to finish!"

He doesn't know that with his experience, he would indeed finish this game a month or two while other players wouldn't even finish this game in three whole years!

When he did say that, the sky formed dark murky clouds atop his house charging its most powerful thunder as if saying that he has angered the Heavens!

*crackle* *crackle* *zip* *zap* *BOOOOOOM*

There goes the thunderclap heading to the body of the young man!


Then he turns to ashes instantly and as if not satisfied yet, the Heavens sent a breeze of wind enough to carry his ashes to the world unknown of its location.

~ o// ~ --End of flashback--

Then we are here in this scenario.

"Um~ You see, I am not really welcoming of these circumstances."

[Oh I see. I forgot. But to explain to you, you just have to go touch that orb that is orbiting around you for a while now.]

"I see."

Then he touches the orb and suddenly, he was flooded with the explanation for his circumstances right now.

"*chuckles* I see, so because of your pet [Heaven's Will] which can actually transform to human, played the Path of Dreams. He was actually Leader of the Holy Knights and when he was defeated, he has gone mad and killed me which led to this events?"



[For that I shall grant you three wishes as compensation! One being compensation for the damages caused by my pet resulting in your death. Another one being my gift because of your calmness in the sudden chain of events. And another one being my gift for you as a good luck charm as well as to not let you die in the event you are gonna be killed which can only protect you until you have the ability to protect yourself.]

"Neat! So do I get to choose which world I go to?"

[Sure why not? Its only fair to give you this much treatment, otherwise I may become a laughing stock. *laughs*]

"Okay. Then I want to be born in Douluo Dalu I, twin brother of Tang San of the Tang Sect, son of Tang Hao and Ah Yin!.

[Done!] with a face that says 'As if this could be a problem to do!'

"My wishes are :

A. Program Magic, being able to program objects or whatever just like the one in the novel (In Another World with a Smartphone). Restriction being that I can only do this Magic atleast 10 a day.

B. Sharingan please? No cheats though and no curse or whatever okay? I want to be the one who makes my Path.

C. And a system with sentience, absolute obedience to me. Inventory, Shop, and many more with no restrictions. Of course NO to infinite system points, that beats my goal to be the one who creates my own Path!

That is all"

[I am surprised to see that a mortal wants to create restrictions! Though if I may say so myself that that is indeed a wise move as I was going to put restrictions but much lighter than the one you put yourself with. But I like your attitude so I'll give you one more!]

"Then, give me a skill to let me talk with you! Communication! As you are the only one I can talk to like this, I am actually more comfortable with you. No homo tho. *laughs hard*"

[*laugh as well* Sure sure. Its done, be prepared young one. As I will send you now to Douluo Dalu continent, I will say some things for you but seeing we do not have much time I'll just send it to you! *touches his forehead* Well then, see you young one and good luck in your adventures!]

"Thank you! See you next time! And please remember my name, its Kurayami!"

Then he was wrapped inside a white light shaped as a cocoon and flies over to a part of the omniverse.

[That young one knows who I am and does respect me. But he do not want to call me as "gOd" as he do not want to make the conversation akward and all. Such a bright young man, good luck!]

And then the start of a new adventure begins!


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